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  1. Appreciate the info gents ! Sounds like something even I could handle. I’ll just order the part. thanks for the details @mikeyk101
  2. Is there no place to purchase a GM Performance Intake for the 2017 Silverado 5.3? My local dealer (whom I like very much) says they can't order one, and everything says discontinued online? Any suggestions?
  3. Which Vibrant Resonator did you go with? Bottle style? Ultra quiet? How far in front of the Muffler did you go - any problems fitting with the hanger?
  4. Figured I would share what has worked for me so far - I was getting very bad clunking noises like everyone - especially when backing up in my driveway. Going around turns and uneven surfaces etc. owned truck since new has 37k miles. Started getting louder around 35k miles. I replaced my front / rear shocks with Bilstein 6112s and 5160s and while that did actually help the noise was still there. The ride is so very much better by the way though. Should have done this long ago. So a couple weeks ago, on a very hot day I took some WD-40 and sprayed down the entire leaf springs, shackles, u-bolts, EVERYTHING. I let it sit for about 3 hours. Drove it around for 5 minutes then came home and sprayed it down HEAVILY with Silicon lubricant with Teflon. Let it sit overnight and literally sound went away over the next day of driving it. Just normal truck sounds. It’s only been two weeks but we shall see how this goes.
  5. It was 1200 installed, which included dying the white stitching on the doors black. Very happy with the upgrade.
  6. Had a dealer recommend an after market installer. Super happy with the interior. Sorry they aren't the best pics, but it looks great and everyone who sees it compliments it.
  7. Got these on today. Look great! Improvement over stock ride. Smoother. Less body roll. Just feels all around much better. Thanks again. 6112 at Level / 5160's.
  8. What are the best aftermarket leaf springs? I'm starting to develop this issue and would just rather replace them than deal with warranty hassle.
  9. Ordered the 6112's and a couple 5160's for the rear. My local guys were shocked at the price you offered. Gave me their labor rate though. Appreciate the forum support.
  10. Hey guys - long time lurker - first time poster. Original owner 2017 Silverado Z51 that has a RC Aluminum leveling kit. 2" part number 1308 on a set of 295/55/20 tires. I am thinking about doing the Bilstein 5100 shocks and struts. I don't dislike the Z51 setup, but I am sure it can be improved upon. Truck has 36K on it. I like how the truck currently sits and don't want to mess with this. Far from an expert on shocks and suspensions so my question is - can I leave my 2" RC leveling blocks and just install the 5100's at "stock" height and they should be the same as my current set up? Is that correct / is it possible? Obligatory pic of my truck. sorry not the best angles but all I had on hand.
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