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  1. Anyone know if there has been any add a leaf packs made for our trucks yet or complete new lifted leaf pack? Want to lift the front but don't want to drive around with a stuck up nose. I am also not a huge fan of blocks.
  2. Square tips. Please make a dual tip option also. It's not a corvette it's a truck. My opinion is that the dual tips would look better. Catback exhaust systems with dual square carbon fiber tips I'd buy with out hesitation.
  3. Was thinking about this color combo when looking over the forum again and man is this going to look good. You sir are a wise man!
  4. Amp power steps

    Can you post pictures of them up and down? I am still undecided about getting them
  5. Same. Icon said that they have 17's that fit with the larger calipers on our trucks. On my Xterra I had factory 17's and went down to 16's wrapped in 33" tires. More sidewall better grip offroading. I remember some teenager yelling at me that I was parked too close to the curb and that I was going to scrape my rim (curb didn't come close to the wheel) turned them up over the curb back down asked him if I touched he just stood there like he didn't understand.
  6. That looks sweet! I know how you feel about color. I had a hard time deciding between the Cajun and Havana
  7. I loved my Nissan Xterra! Very simple interior. And my last Silverado was a 13. Some may say that the 19 is boring or not refined enough. I disagree. It is awesome! Also looking forward to seeing your new Silverado havana metallic trail boss... I haven't seen one with that color combo yet!
  8. I went with the crew cab standard box. I was a little worried about parking coming from a crew cab short box but with all the cameras it isn't an issue at all. My needs just pushed me to the standard box this time around. I am way more excited than I should admit about no longer having to break down my fishing poles when putting them in the back.
  9. New Silverado Commercial

    I have only seen 2 driving around my town. One could have been just a test drive as it was pulling into the dealership. The other was driving down the highway after I dropped mine off to have the clear bra installed. Both were trail bosses.
  10. New Silverado Commercial

    Looks like they are starting to show off the new trucks And from GMC
  11. That is awesome! This sums up about 90% of my purchases for this truck. Get an idea, look for something about it online or ask for thoughts and then just go for it. About the time I ask I have already made up my mind to buy it
  12. I haven't had any problems with my 2019 High Country. I was debating on the 6.2 and ended up with the 5.3. I had that in my 2013 Silverado and it provided plenty of power for what I need to tow. And now with the 8 speed compared to the old 4 speed I had on the 13 it's even better. I have been very happy with my decision
  13. I asked the dealer to do it for me. Done when I picked it up. Otherwise I have done like Drew mentioned on past vehicles and had no issues.
  14. https://youtu.be/ceyPHrd3OXo With the right wheel spacer you can go as big as you want! Ha ha ha PS I don't recommend this!
  15. I went through the holes up front that I believe are for the extra tie down points. The one that is just below drain was just a bit too small. I might try again when it warms up to see if the hoses will be a bit more flexible and if I can get them to fit. I also have to put on the foam gasket for the front and the window protector. It was 5 degrees when I did the install

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