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  1. Anyone have any ideas for how much longer until dealerships can order the standard box instead of the short box?
  2. Tilt steering

    Am I the only one who likes that the steering wheel adjustments are not powered? When I get in and out of my truck I always raise the steering all the way up so I am not smoking my legs against it. I am not even tall and figured this would be a larger pain if I was..
  3. Very true. The reason I am going with a new high country is because I want less chrome than the LTZ along with the heads up display.
  4. You still have the chin guard on! Although I did notice it's easily removable on this gen with the screw heads being accessible
  5. My dealer was thinking 1-2 for the Chevy crew cab standard box. So hopefully we'll have them soon. Told the dealer to order me a 5.3 4WD High Country standard box when they are available.
  6. The dealership I have been working with said that he has heard that GM will start accepting orders for the standard box in the next week or two. I hope he's correct.
  7. I think it is a combination of so many 2018 Silverado's out there that they don't want to push the 2019. They have already been discounting them so much just think of the discount that they would have to do if every Joe Smoe knew that the new models were out and with a new design. Most people don't follow forums or vehicles as close as us nerds! It also gives the assembly lines more time so they don't have to rush to get them out which should provide better quality. Don't need massive recalls and faulty products like some of the other brands. Also what if GM really did get all the kinks worked out with all of their real world testing? Most tested Silverado ever? The average consumer starts hearing about that then how would they sell the rest of the 2018s?
  8. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    Icon showing that a 35" tire will tuck up in the wheel well for when the truck is out flexing its muscles! Although it looks a little close on the sides so I wonder if some trimming might be needed if tucked while turning
  9. Thanks for the great review. This has been exactly what I have been thinking when comparing the interior to the Ram. The Ram looks nice but when it comes to the physical buttons and positions it looks too busy to be dealing with small buttons on the side or messing with menus on the screen while driving. Which is why I prefer the Silverado/Sierra
  10. I seen on Icon Vehicle Dynamics that they got in a new Silverado to start R&D
  11. How convenient would it be if GM had made it so easy as switching the polarity of the switch so it could be easily switched from always on with a push to turn it off to always off with the option to push a switch and turn it on. Can only dream right?
  12. Sierra/Silverado vs. RAM 1500

    But they have super luxurious interiors!?
  13. Does anyone have a time frame when we can start ordering 2019 crew cab with standard box?
  14. Order Wait Times ?

    True. They had silver, Cajun tri coat and white. Cajun and color matched bumpers look nice!

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