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  1. I had another thread about the backup camera flickering and going blank intermittently. I have been going back and forth with GM since the night I got home and drove in reverse it went blank on me and no guidelines. There is a TSB now after over 6 months but still no fix. This is on the non HD camera setups though. Seems as though the HD camera / equipment package doesn't have a camera issue. Waiting to hear from GM tomorrow about a plan. This falls within the Lemon Law at this point it has been multiple attempts to fix it with no resolution.
  2. Truck stalled out while accelerating from a stop. Pulled over and it wouldn't start after multiple attempts. Had it towed to dealer...? ECM who knows. Frustrating plus the ongoing useless backup camera issues.
  3. 19 Silverado TrailBoss V6: Several times now the truck stalled out when in park and idling. I try to restart and it turns over but won't start, take the key out and try again a couple minutes later and it works but the check engine light is on. Prior to this starting, last week while driving 60mph on highway the truck shuddered/shook a few times and the check engine light came on. OBD reads out P16AF & P16A7 as the error codes. Dealership said they ordered a new part...anyone having issues like this? Also, still no fix on the backup camera glitching out. Someone is gonna get hurt and GM has been made aware and I filed it with NHTSA. No fix yet...
  4. The software update seems to have fixed the problem...I was at 0% at 7k they reset it and now 8k at 99%
  5. FYI, taking my truck back to the dealer for camera issue glitching out still, brake life at 0% despite just being serviced, and check engine light on after engine/transmission began jerking at 60mph. Light went out but got the code ? Related to MAF sensor. The camera was looked at when I first got the truck, again when it was serviced about a month ago/7k miles but this time I said I'm not leaving with the truck until it's fixed. This is ridiculous and is a safety concern especially with 4 kids come on GM
  6. So I tried to tap into the drivers side and passenger side fuse box for a dash cam but none of the open fuse ports have power with or without the ignition on? Any ideas as to why this is? I was trying to use an open port rather than tap an existing fuse. Thanks
  7. Does this update automatically or does the dealer need to do this?
  8. Mine wasn't stuck but today I was scrolling through and my air filter read 0 and there was no brake wear showing at all. This is the first time it's happened and I'm at 1800 miles!? I went to check my brake life because I'm at 79% front already?! So screwy.
  9. So far so good, my visibility is much better now and it's a more comfortable seating position. I kinda see what you're saying about the modifications, the safety pin is still set in place but it has not been tested hence why I only did it to my seat and not the passenger seat. I feel pretty confident that the amount of force to shear the bolts would be devastating regardless. Thanks for the input though.
  10. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/223462-2019-silverado-backup-camera-problems/ Please file a complaint with GM and NHTSA, this seems like an ongoing issue with their backup cameras. Mine is constantly doing this, so frustrating. I also notified the attorney general's office since GM gave me a generic response. When someone gets hurt or killed they might respond with oh this is the first we've heard of it wow...frustrating!
  11. File a complaint with NHTSA and GM asap! Good luck man, that must have been scary.
  12. See my post and please file a complaint with GM and the NHTSA...it is a safety issue for sure, wait til it glitches out when backing up and you can't see anything at all. This is going to cause an injury or death if GM doesn't fix it. See if it is when you step on the brakes, that's what mine does. It went blank twice this evening while backing up! So frustrating. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/223462-2019-silverado-backup-camera-problems/
  13. I worked with Randy over at Seating Solutions to get my driver's seat lifted up in the 2019 TrailBoss. I just felt the seat height was too low and my view over the dash wasn't that good. My wife also ran over a curb the first day I got it. After we talked back and forth about the seat and sent some pics, Randy developed a 1.5" lift kit. So I tried it out and it worked beautifully. The seat lift uses quality materials, it looks like factory, and I can see much better with a comfortable height. If interested in more pics of the install let me know. Hope this helps you all.
  14. Thanks for sharing this! Do you have any night/dark pictures?
  15. There is no image of this part number so do you know what piece it actually is? Is it the top w/ storage and you keep the rest as is (with the seat still in place)? any images of this particular part # for reference? thanks for sharing!
  16. I agree, mine are wearing fast according to the computer?! Makes no sense to me, I am not in stop and go traffic and don't brake hard. what model truck was that? I have the TrailBoss so is it the tires or something?
  17. Funny, I worked on a rescue for 15 years and about 10 years ago a UPS truck backed up and hit a bicyclist...no backup camera on that truck. It's not the only method to backing up but it's a great tool. Kinda like can we make phone calls from our house sure but now everyone has a cell phone, it has become the standard/norm.
  18. No, I wasn't under the impression that ALL American vehicles are built here but I did think the trucks were built here...my last truck was a 94 Ranger. It's amazes me that Tundra is built here yet the Chevy isn't...regardless it doesn't change the underlying lack of ingenuity and engineering reflected on "an American company"...sad actually, it's just the way the USA is going, not many hard working people left that actually care.
  19. So my truck did this to me a couple times however the times it did it, I was parked on a hill that sloped slightly down - so the tailgate was higher than the hood if that makes sense? When I park it flat it never has an issue? Just a thought ..
  20. I appreciate all the input. The fact that my camera still is not functioning properly and the way GM has handled it (or not handled it) makes me even more concerned. I am on vacation but received a voicemail from GM that incriminated themselves by saying there is no current fix but if enough people complain GM might do something about it. Now I paraphrased the message but that's what he said. The next step is the attorney general's office. I suppose I keep taking it to the deal and file a claim under the lemon law and get out of this vehicle. I don't want to because I really like it but GM is not being very accommodating here. Also, I am utterly annoyed that my Trail Boss was built in Mexico. Nothing political here just I thought American trucks were built in America...frustrating
  21. Wow, that was great information, thank you! I guess my only concern was this is the first time I have ever seen the oil pressure this low. Could it be the engine is getting broken in now or some other anomaly? I just don't know why all of a sudden it would drop like this when i have always been between 40-60. I appreciate the input, so basically no worries at this point unless it drops to less than 8. The ranges you mentioned are the acceptable low limits based on rpm's right? Thanks again
  22. I have just over 1,000 miles on the 2019 Trail Boss 4.3L motor. This morning for the first time I noticed the oil pressure gauge dropped to 30 when pulling into a parking spot and then sitting idle. When I revved the engine a little bit the pressure went back up to about 50-60. I have never seen it at 30, mostly stays like 40-60 range. Any cause for concern? As a reference I drove about 10 miles, mostly highway, and it is 60-64 degrees outside. What do you all get for pressure readings with your motors - maybe list idle pressure and cruising pressure with the motor type. Thanks!
  23. After playing phone tag with GM I finally spoke with the "senior advisor" in Michigan. She was seemingly disinterested honestly and offered no apology, rationale, or excuse. She merely said she was recording the conversation and taking notes. I made it explicitly clear that if there was any accident, injury, or death related to this backup camera not functioning properly that GM would be held grossly negligent...again I confirmed it was a recorded line and reiterated it several times. She said I could take it to another dealer if I wanted, but for what, there's no fix GM admitted that. Very very frustrating. I have GM a chance and even more of a kick in the [email protected]//$ is the fact that my truck was built in Mexico!? I didnt realize this. The damn Tundra is built in the USA. Ughhh...
  24. My parking brake has enabled several times randomly and no pattern I can detect. Also, as for using the parking brake on my truck I don't but on the rescue I use it every time I park. It puts on the high idle we have Chevy and Ford.
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