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  1. Not everyone says its necessary...but I too am curious if your hood closes.
  2. I put bilsteins all the way around and am very happy with it. You shouldn't need 2.5" to level with the back. I was able to get it level with my bilsteins, problem you will have owning a half ton is swapping the coil overs to the bilsteins. Maybe you can do this yourself but usually a local shop will swap them out for you and then you can go back to installing yourself. You would be correct that your vehicle is not flexfuel. You can also get all of your RPO codes inside your glove box. I was thinking the code should have been FHO - E10 (non flex) or FHS - E85 (flex).
  3. I have actually heard real good things about the cubes and light bars from Harbor Freight. I believe the brand is Roadshock. I notice them every time I go in, and I think about picking some up. I am just not sure where I would install them on my truck, so I never end up pulling the trigger. For the price of these and what I have heard about how powerful they are, I would have no problem installing these on my truck if I figure out a place to put them.
  4. Cool idea but definitely not something I could use. I like my beer colder than that.
  5. Just got done trying this and didn't work. Can you post a how - to video?
  6. I am in the same boat. Just recently bought the 2.5 hmi kit from @th3magpi3. Great outfit to work with, I highly recommend this company.
  7. I wish my 2015 looked as clean as your 2014. I need to move south so I can have a truck last longer than a year rust free. Wheel liners look great
  8. I would definitely trade you for your center console for my center seat! If interested let me know!
  9. Bought the new 2.5 HMI kit to add carplay from @th3magpi3. Very excited to get this installed
  10. Hate to make this a debate post because the OP didn't want that, but I will say I will never use Amsoil products as long as I live. Both my dad and I used it in our 2013 F150's and the motor burned through the oil pretty quickly. Didn't even have 1500 miles on it and had to add a quart. If you don't believe me then look it up because come to find out MANY F150 owners have complained about the same thing and the Amsoil rep I talked to about it said well I wouldn't put Amsoil in it anymore than. On the original topic I will definitely try this oil out after I get my year long free oil changes from buying my truck. Thanks for the post!
  11. You can also contact @th3magpi3 awesome outfit to work with for this and other unlocks as well.
  12. I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for but I ran across this a few days ago it might help some.
  13. Here are a couple pics, they aren't the greatest pics, but I also hate the look of tires sticking way out. mine do stick out a little as you can see in the pics.
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