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  1. Hello all, I am a new GM owner that has converted over from Ford. This will be a slow build but plan to have many updates. I am also brand new to aftermarket parts, as I have always left everything stock. I am going to do my best on trying to figure out this site so bare with me a bit. The first picture is of the first week I owned the vehicle, second is when I discovered Plasti-Dip, and third is the latest after I did a few installs. My next purchase will more than likely be either Bilstein or rancho shocks. I want bigger tires, but the tires on it now are brand new so it is hard for me to buy new right now. I was really close to Plasti-dipping my wheels because I have been wanting black wheels, but I think I am going to hold off. Any suggestions? So far my upgrades are: Tow Mirrors Leveling kit Plasti-Dip Emblems Magnum RT Steps Tonneau Cover
  2. Nice truck. How do you like the rancho shocks? Shocks are my next purchase but I am torn between Bilstein and rancho.
  3. 2.5 HMI Video in Motion!

    How does that work ? Are you charging for the information ?
  4. 2.5 HMI Video in Motion!

    Haha got it ! Wow I feel dumb. Thanks!
  5. 2.5 HMI Video in Motion!

    I hooked up my iPhone to the usb that is in the center flip down seat and played a video on iTunes and all I get is sound
  6. Center console swap?

    @pgamboa I also saw a post, which I can't find now, of you saying it can play video. Do all these series of trucks allow video playback? I have so much to learn, I have never once modded a vehicle always had stock everything, but I stumbled across this forum and it got me jacked. I am sorry for all of the basic questions, I have tried searching for the answer but I can't seem to find anything.
  7. Center console swap?

    Sent you an email.
  8. 2.5 HMI Video in Motion!

    Total newb here but I had no idea I could even play video in my truck. Or is it only certain models? Yes I have a 2015 Sierra 2500HD.
  9. Subs with stock radio?

    Thanks George. what is your go to spot to buy car audio?
  10. Center console swap?

    Sorry I am new to forums, I was referring to your post where you were offering the whole console kit. I am not ready to buy yet but I want to start saving for it and buy it eventually.
  11. Subs with stock radio?

    Honestly not that serious about it like I use to be. But I would like to have something that adds a little bump to the music. Unfortunately it is a non-bose system.
  12. May have been asked but tried searching and didn’t find anything. Is it possibly to have a subwoofer under the back seat and still hook to stock radio ?
  13. Center console swap?

    Was able to read through more. Does the kit you provide work for sierra 2500's?
  14. Well I found the reason my truck was rattling so bad. I have to broken welds on my running board support arms. I know this will more than likely not be anyone else's issue, but it was my issue.
  15. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    Love your posts, hopefully you are still on here and can reply because I just bought a 15 2500HD and I have a few questions for you. Unfortunately I don't have all the money in the world and I really wanted a 2500HD (I've converted from a 13 F150 crew) so I could only afford to find one, with the miles etc. I wanted, in a double cab. I sure do miss the space in the back but hey I don't have to worry about the passengers haha!

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