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  1. Here are a couple pics, they aren't the greatest pics, but I also hate the look of tires sticking way out. mine do stick out a little as you can see in the pics.
  2. I've tried researching options but haven't come up with much. I know there isn't going to be a complete fix but wanted to see what others are doing. I have 305/55/20s that like to kick up rocks, and since they stick out past the fenders the like to throw them all over the body of the truck. Can't do anything about not going down gravel because our horses live down a gravel road. I also am not looking to break the bank for a solution, but will spend a considerable amount. My question is what are you guys going with? Wider mud flaps, fender flares, or both? And what brand or style are you using? I honestly don't really care for the look of fender flares and don't really want to go with them but if it will cut down the rock chips then I will do that. As always thanks for your input.
  3. This post is asking for more information about horns. I don't see where the OP asked for anyone's input on whether he should install a louder horn or not. Maybe I missed it? Hopefully more people will chime in on what the OP is asking for, as I am interested in the original content.
  4. I have 305/55/20 there is a slight rub when backing up but not much.
  5. I have a bumper to bumper warranty but I am assuming that's not going to fix anything?
  6. How would I know if these are the right ones for my truck? I am going to do this mod but want to make sure I get the right LED bulbs. I have a 2015 sierra 2500
  7. Not a good picture but this is the latest picture I have that I took the night I got my new tires and wheels on. Plasti-Dipped emblems 305/55/20 BFG on Tuff A/T Wheels Raised keys 1.5" Tow mirrors Magnum RT Steps Tonneau Cover Stubby Antenna
  8. I know I know not another rusty frame post but I couldn't find the answer on the threads. I have no clue how TSB's work or if they work at all. My truck is listed under this TSB for the rusty frame issues. My question is, does GM have to do what the TSB says? I have included the TSB PI0564K for reference. How would I go about making sure this gets done? Anybody on here do this and have any luck with it? MC-10154649-9999.pdf
  9. @Big Whiskey I agree can you post some pictures of this? I am wanting to do the same thing. what did you attach the bolts to? maybe you said it and I missed it
  10. Got the new tires and wheels on tonight. Not the best picture will try to get more. Tuff a/t 20” rims on 305/55/20 tires.
  11. Added Bilstein 5100's to all four corners and adding this new to me wheels and rims tonight. Will post pics once they're installed.
  12. Thanks, I feel dumb for having to ask! I have been around trying to find some to buy over the counter but have had no luck
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