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  1. Great news. I can't wait to feel the difference between my 5.3 to the 6.2. This waiting game does suck though.
  2. So, I just found out that my truck is built and I have my VIN. They don't have a delivery date as it is waiting on transit. They said to reach back out in 2 weeks for an update.
  3. 6.2TB Nice looking truck. I almost went with that color. If you can put up more pictures. spdfrk31. When I ordered mine I put the safety package in. Did they put that package in for you?
  4. I ordered a 2020 Trail Boss with a 6.2 on November 25th. I checked yesterday and the code is 3400. I was told that it should start being built by the end of the week and that it takes about 1 week to build. Not sure on that but that is what they said. So.... I am hoping to get it sometime in February. This waiting sucks!!
  5. That sounds like an awesome build. Make sure you post up some pictures when it comes in.
  6. I have had two built in Mexico and I ordered another one recently. I was happy with the trucks and did not see any issues with fit, interior or exterior. I get quad cabs so I really don't have a choice. Would I prefer they are all built in the U.S., of course.
  7. I ordered mine on November 25th and it is supposed to be built next week. So I will probably get it in some time in February. Did you get an order number for your truck? You can go to the GM web site and start a chat, give them your order number and they can tell you the status of it. Did you load this thing up?
  8. Interesting. I wonder myself. I'm sure someone will know
  9. How do they add it? When mine finally comes in, I will do this as my current truck has it and it's great.
  10. Looking good. These trucks have really grown on me.
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