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  1. If you are just concerned about poke I think you are right to be looking at the +1 or +10 offsets. I put 305/50 ridge grapplers on a -12 offset rim and I probably got a little bit more poke than you want, I almost wish I had went with the +1 offset myself...
  2. Put on some RBP 65R Glocks today. 20x10 -12 offset with 305/50 Ridge Grapplers. Zero rubbing or trimming with stock AT4 height.
  3. Wow, that sucks. I feel your pain; I had an SLT with max tow ordered last fall when they finally started putting the trailering mirrors on them, the the factory cancelled that order cuz they aren't going to build that truck so I ordered an AT4 with the mirrors, that was 9 weeks ago and the build is still at code 1100 so I'm going to buy one off a lot that is close to what I want. Very frustrating.
  4. Any update on how your Trail Boss is doing pulling your trailer?
  5. GM is making it pretty hard to buy a truck from them. Back in 2018 I decided it was time to buy a new truck, replace my 2012 F150. When the 2019 GMC's came out the redesign made it an easy choice-I wanted a new GMC 1500, the Fords just don't look good to me anymore(and I'm sick of the ecoboost). I was definitely disappointed when the 19 models came out and trailering mirrors weren't an option. I love the trailering mirrors on my Ford, no way I'm spending 60 grand on a new truck and not getting them. Just be patient they said, trailering mirrors should be a mid year option. Well, it was what April or May of 2019 before GM finally got around to offering trailering mirrors on a vehicle that is supposed to be able to tow...but the mirrors were going to be an option on the 2020 models. So I was patient. Finally, the 2020 models were available to order, but the mirrors that I had been waiting on for months were only available on a few models, not the SLT with max tow that I wanted. Be patient they said, they will be available on that model soon... I think it was September before my dealer said they could finally spec a 2020 SLT with max tow and the trailering mirrors. The next day I was at the dealer happily placing my order. Dealer couldn't really give me any projected build time because of the strike. About a month later my salesmen called with bad news. The truck I had ordered was one of 66 in the whole country with similar specs and they were having some kind of parts issue and now they WERE NOT going to be building SLTs with the trailering mirrors(very soon thereafter the build & price website also reflected the change). I thought about it...and then January 2 of this year I walked in and ordered an AT4 with the trailering mirrors. Dealer said they were expecting 8-10 weeks for delivery. 4 weeks after ordering I checked with the dealer, no updates. It is an accepted order but no TPW, but they thought it should be soon since GM had told my dealer that any current orders should be 6-8 for delivery. They gave me the order number and each week since I've checked with GM chat, same story; valid accepted order but no production date. It is now 7 weeks since my order was placed. My dealer tried to find out why there is no production date yet, tried to get the order fast tracked or whatever, and now they are being told that GM is NOT going to build the truck with the trailering mirrors, with no real explanation. A quick check of GM's inventory website brings up multiple trucks around the country in the process of being delivered or recently delivered with nearly identical specs(one truck I looked at has identical spec but is already sold). My dealer might be doing something wrong, but GM is beyond frustrating to deal with.
  6. Thanks. I've got an AT4 coming sometime soon, and I've been having trouble deciding what rims and tires will work...I'm not crazy about having to trim anything...seems like anything beyond a zero offset requires trimming. I like the way your setup looks.
  7. I'm new to this forum, and not a current owner of a GMC but looking to buy one; could use some input. My current truck is a '12 F150 Platinum with the ecoboost and max trailering package. I'd like to buy a '20 GMC SLT with 6.2 NHT and the trailering mirrors(I absolutely won't buy anything without good trailering mirrors). Unfortunately GMC still won't sell me one...had one on order during the strike then GM said parts are back ordered and cancelled the order. Now they trailering mirrors aren't an option anymore on the SLT. So, I've started to look at the AT4, because I can get the trailering mirrors and I do like the looks/lift of it better than the SLT anyhow. My concern is towing my 30' TT, with a dry weight of 6800 lbs, tongue weight of 880 lbs. The payload on the AT4 I drove the other day is only 1540 pounds(300 less than my F150). So I will be maxed out on payload with just the camper and people, and getting close to max GVWR with all the other gear if I can pack it to keep the weight on the rv axles. With my F150 I've had no trouble loading a half bed of firewood plus all the other gear(thus probably overloading it as well), but I'm not confident that the AT4 would do as well. The AT4 I test drove the other day felt a little less stable than my F150(could be because of the lift/tires). Anyone have experience towing with the AT4, maybe with sumosprings/timbrens added on? Airbags are something I would like to avoid. I do use a wd hitch, and I only tow around Michigan so no hills to speak of, but my wife ends up towing the camper by herself quite often so I don't want to purchase a truck that she isn't going to feel comfortable in.
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