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  1. @Richard Helm, one other thing to mention is that GM Assistance will usually help you out with some of the costs of having to rent a vehicle to replace yours that's in the shop. I know they really worked with us on our issues last year.
  2. @Richard Helm, I had problems with my DPF 2 years in a row on long trips and one of those (last year) was a failure bad enough that we had to have our camper towed around in Colorado and leave the truck and camper for over a month. This year, our problem is gone after a flash to raise the DPF burn-off temperature. With that being said, if you have lost faith in your particular truck...I totally understand. I was right there last year with my issue and my wife and I were concerned to say the least this year when we drove on two longer trips...but we had no issues. Maybe you will be able to get them to cover you on an extended warranty but I've never asked about it. If I were in your shoes and thought I'd have the option to push for a buyback or get an extended warranty I'd try to push it. If nothing else, ride your truck until close to warranty is out or you have another issue (and lose all faith in it) and trade that sucker in hopes that you get rid of your lemon! Hope this help! But ultimately the decision is yours. Alan
  3. I also went with the Reese Goosebox for my 5th wheel. It's worked out great. You can just flip the ball over when it's not in use and flip it right back out when you need it. I tested out the turning radius at home with my trailer hooked up to the truck and found that all the angles my truck could turn I wouldn't hit the trailer. Real use may vary *out in the wild. I had to pull a sharp u-turn from a gas station with the trailer attached and my truck was in the street while the trailer was still higher the gas station driveway...I just barely dinged my trailer to the plastic piece that holds the bed-view camera and the 3rd brake light. Only a scratch on my truck and barely tiny scratch on the trailer...but still good to know that testing it out on flat ground doesn't always equate to fully safe
  4. @maximumspeed, I have the same problem (still). I found another post mentioning this issue that referenced a bulletin # (20-NA-020 - https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10172288-9999.pdf). My dealership replaced all of my pads and the noise is still there. I asked my service department about it again and they told me that the "mixture used in the brake pads was changed with 2020's and they're still working on figuring out the noise issue". They also told me they'd replace the brakes again whenever the mixture gets figured out. I think it probably won't ever be figured out and I'll just wind up replacing the pads / rotors setup. Side note - I live off of gravel so not sure if that has anything to do with it but my last Chevrolet truck didn't make noise like this while I drove it on gravel.
  5. @JW2020, I have recently had a similar situation. I have a 2020 Silverado 3500 SRW with 33,000 miles. I'm from Missouri and we were doing a 10 day trip in Colorado to various places in mid-June. The family and I were pulling our 5th wheel toy hauler and had come over a mountain pass and stopped to take pictures. I left the truck idle because we were only stopping for a few minutes (maybe I should have used the high-idle switch when I stopped). When I got back to my truck after the few minutes of being stopped, there was a message on the screen saying to "please continue driving...". It apparently tried to do a regen while sitting there idling. Of course we were going DOWN the mountain so we weren't getting super high on the RPM's. My truck also gave the message about reduced engine power. I have a bluetooth OBD reader and use the "Torque" app (on Android) to read engine codes. I only had a single code which was P2463 (Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction - Soot Accumulation). We had about an hour to complete our drive to get to the campsite and as we drove to our campsite, the truck and trailer started tugging almost as if I was having transmission issues which scared the hell out of me. I believe it was from the reduced engine power whenever I would hit the pedal. I called a local dealership in Alamosa, CO and they were all booked up. We decided we'd hit the Sand Dunes National Park as planned in the morning and head out a day early so that we could move to our next destination and get the truck looked at by a dealership that said they could squeeze me in up in Gunnison, CO. Well, the next morning we are heading back to the camper after visiting the sand dunes and about 1.5 miles away from our campground when the truck lost all power. The truck would start and idle, but then shut off after about 5 seconds. I started getting a 2nd code at that time which was a P2453 (Diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance). Had to have the truck towed to the local shop that was all booked up (on June 15) and I just got the call the other day that my truck is done. My truck and trailer have been sitting in two different spots in Colorado for nearly a month while the truck is fixed. GM Assistance really saved the day for us because they said "as long as the fix is covered by the warranty" they'll pay for the tow to the next location ($1,200 - for 3 hours away). To top it all off, last year (2020) in June I had owned the truck for a month and it had around 13,000 miles (it was used) and the entire exhaust needed replaced because of a similar DPF issue but it didn't make the truck stop running or reduce the engine power. I'm heading to Mexico for a vacation this weekend and picking my truck/trailer up next weekend in a "quick" 30+ hour road trip...wish me good luck.
  6. @tortiseshell, yes - that spot is an opening where it can go. It should just pull off of there fairly easily (maybe with a little help from a flathead). I got one added in the same spot on my truck. I had the shop wire it up for me when I had the B&W turnover hitch installed in the bed.
  7. @NCCaptainMorgan, I can't speak to if your truck would come with the sensors or not...but I was able to purchase the sensors off of eBay for my 5th wheel travel trailer. Got the sensors added to the existing wheels at Sam's Club last week. Came home from Sam's Club and setup the sensors from the truck in dash screen. It basically had me release air from each tire (front driver's side, rear driver's side, rear passenger side, front passenger side) and I was all set! Here is the eBay link to the ones that I purchased: https://www.ebay.com/p/25034266056?iid=254823853923 I believe I paid $85 for 4 sensors.
  8. I have a 2020 Silverado 3500 and went with a 2018 Keystone Impact 351. Picked it up in Waco, TX and pulled back to St. Louis, MO area. Truck did great! I also had the dealer swap out the 5th wheel for a Reese Goosebox 20k.
  9. @jojo ma, I gave up trying after seeing the responses in here. I worked to get it working for a couple weeks and was never able to. It's just for your automatic braking
  10. Thanks for this article guys, I have been having the issue and the dealership forgot to check the brakes when I went in for an oil change a couple months ago. Drives me crazy to hear the brakes so squeaky. I have 20k miles on mine and it's been doing it intermittently for the past few months. Always happens at low speeds with light braking, like in traffic or pulling slowly into my garage. At first I thought it was because I live off of gravel but my 2012 Silverado 1500 never squeaked like this. I have printed out the bulletin as well and intend to bring it in with me on the next oil change so that hopefully they'll take care of it for me.
  11. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 LTZ SRW Duramax (crew cab, regular bed) - max payload is 3,922 lbs.
  12. @2020-2500, I'm getting the B&W turnover ball added to my 2020 Chevrolet 3500 srw next Wednesday. I also don't have the factory puck system in my truck. I called around to a few places and most seemed like it was going to cost just under $1,000 to get this done. I found a local place that a friend owns that is going to get me done between $800 - $900. I'm preparing for getting a bigger toy hauler most likely next spring (or if a great deal comes up over the winter) so I want my truck ready. I'm intending to get a Reese Goosebox for my trailer because I like the idea of not having to pull out a giant hitch from my bed every time I go to use it.
  13. @GearHead71, I'd be interested to see what the bed view camera and the rear view mirror look like from inside when you have the MX4 up like that. That's the bed cover I'm looking to get as well and haven't found any pics of the cover up like that. Any chance you'd be willing to either let me know whether or not those cameras are blocked or post a couple pics of the camera views with that up? Thanks, Alan
  14. Thanks @ShotgunZ71! I haven't ordered the camera yet but I intend to get one . That's cool that your camera fit into the Furrion prep spot. Did you have to run the cable on the top of your trailer or was there an existing cable for you to tie into with the Furrion prep package? I've seen some trailers with that already and just curious how that works. Hopefully your issues with the camera get figured out!
  15. Out of curiosity, has anyone seen a 5th wheel with the transparent trailer camera? It would seem that the wire would be long enough in most people's cases. I intend to upgrade from a bumper pull to a 5th wheel toy hauler (that's about 40 ft long) next year and I can't seem to find any YouTube videos or info about someone running the transparent trailer camera on a 5th wheel. Thanks for any info! Alan
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