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  1. Thanks @ShotgunZ71! I haven't ordered the camera yet but I intend to get one . That's cool that your camera fit into the Furrion prep spot. Did you have to run the cable on the top of your trailer or was there an existing cable for you to tie into with the Furrion prep package? I've seen some trailers with that already and just curious how that works. Hopefully your issues with the camera get figured out!
  2. Out of curiosity, has anyone seen a 5th wheel with the transparent trailer camera? It would seem that the wire would be long enough in most people's cases. I intend to upgrade from a bumper pull to a 5th wheel toy hauler (that's about 40 ft long) next year and I can't seem to find any YouTube videos or info about someone running the transparent trailer camera on a 5th wheel. Thanks for any info! Alan
  3. @gjohnston7, that's my fault...I called it the "cheese grater test" but it's actually the "cheese cloth test". They said that they had to put a cheese cloth over something to check the amount of particulates coming through the exhaust. I found a similar article about it: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10161931-9999.pdf Sorry for the confusion on the name of the test.
  4. That's disappointing, especially since not all of the HD trucks have the button for adaptive cruise control.
  5. @jojo ma, I'm also curious about this. My truck is a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 LTZ Z71 srw that has the adaptive cruise control button on the steering wheel but I can't ever get it to engage. Hitting the adaptive cruise button only seems to show the gap control adjustment. From reading the owner's manual, you're supposed to hold on the actual cruise control button and it should change the icon of the green cruise icon to actually have a vehicle in the icon rather than an arrow in the picture. But holding the cruise button doesn't appear to do anything for me except turn off my cruise control. Does your truck have the adaptive cruise control button on the wheel? Let me know if you figure anything out on yours. Alan
  6. I'll keep an eye on my DEF usage and report back after I have some data but I don't have any trips planned for a couple weeks.
  7. I got my brand new exhaust on Friday and only drove a couple times since then. However, they gave me some paperwork with a reference # of 20-NA-082. They're basically saying in the paper that newer model trucks have to use more DEF because of the increased emissions requirements. Hope this helps you guys! Alan
  8. Hey guys, I picked up my 2020 Silverado 3500 srw duramax last month and took it on a road trip of about 2,000 miles pulling my old Jayco travel trailer (about 6,000 lbs loaded). I was burning through DEF like crazy and wound up on the first day getting an engine code...lucky for me I have a bluetooth OBD scan tool so I pulled over and plugged in. I was getting a P2002 error code "Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1, which refers to an issue in the efficiency of the particulate filter in the exhaust, which is most likely caused by faulty filter or sensor, or exhaust leak." From what I could tell online it wasn't a "major" issue to halt our trip so I continued on and went ahead and setup a service appointment for after our trip was over. I BURNED through DEF on the trip. I filled up twice!! Skip ahead to the dealer and come to find out they had to do a "cheese cloth test" to see how many particulates were getting through and I'm getting a brand new exhaust on my new truck because the DPF sensor is built into the exhaust. It's at the shop today getting replaced so hopefully that resolves my issue and I get to a normal DEF usage with no constant engine code. Just figured this was worth sharing.
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