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  1. After nearly 5 months since it was ordered, it's finally here! Will get more pics tomorrow when the correct wheels are put on and cleaned up.
  2. I don't believe so. There is an option to get directions from an Onstar advisor but since this mentions the SD map card needs to be inserted in the SD slot in the center console I believe that is where the map info comes from. I still haven't decided which way to go. I tried an address the other day in my 2017 Silverado and the business had since moved so new location wasn't found, my phone showed new address. Android auto and Apple Carplay will always have latest map info since it comes from your phone.
  3. Getting closer, GM chat says truck is bayed in Lawrenceville, GA as of today. Guess well see how long it takes for it to find a ride to Greenville, SC.
  4. I've got an RST that supposed to be in this week. The lease on my 2017 Silverado is up the end of this month. Assumed I'd get the $1,500 lease loyalty but reading the fine print says you have to be leasing the new vehicle as well, maybe that's not the case. Will probably finance this truck to get the $5,000 cash allowance.
  5. MSRP on mine is $60,445. I've got it in writing from my salesman for basically "supplier" pricing of $56,555. I don't work for GM in any way but he said since it ordered as a sold unit they could do that. I'll get the $5,000 current rebates off that. I'm at the end of my lease on a 2017 Silverado, I thought I'd get an additional $1,500 lease loyalty discount as well but you have to be leasing again to get that discount. If you lease you don't get the $5,000 rebate.
  6. So dealer tells me that truck is on the way to Indiana to have the rally package put on. Totally makes no sense because the truck was built in Ft. Wayne. Say it should be here by the 15th. I'm sure they are just as eager to get some trucks back on the lot. This is as empty as I've ever seen this dealership. There are usually 4 full rows of Silverados in this lot with hardly an empty spot left.
  7. This seemed to be the easiest but doesn't show on their website anymore. It was there probably 2 weeks ago. Emailed them and they said only doing 2020 Silverados right now, were having problems with other years. $599 if you have SD card reader in center console, $699 if you need new usb / card reader hub.
  8. Showing up on my dealers website now so hopefully won't be too much longer till it's at dealer. https://www.kevinwhitaker.net/VehicleDetails/new-2020-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_RST-Greenville-SC/4602383883
  9. Thanks. Mine does start with a 1. Hopefully that means it will be here sooner than coming from Mexico on rail, boat or however they send them now..lol. Found some good vin reference info. 2020 Silverado Vincards-2.pdf
  10. Thanks. Mine is a 1500 crew cab so I'm assuming it was built in Mexico too. Did you get that info from your dealer? I may have to check with someone higher up at my dealership, getting a straight answer from my salesman is proving difficult.
  11. Thanks. Guess my salesman doesn't know what he is talking about.
  12. Just got vin today and asked about event code. Salesman said "since their shipping has changed, everything is different, trucks no longer using rail system".
  13. Thanks. I figured they still used vehicle transport trucks but those are after they've traveled by train from the factory to a destination where they are put on transport trucks for the last leg of trip.
  14. Got my vin today for 2020 Silverado (XQPRVD order number) built last week I believe. My salesman says everything is different on the shipping side (they no longer ship by rail) so he can't give me an idea on approximate time my truck should be at dealership. Any idea how they are shipping them from factory now? I know they were shipped on rail to closest rail yards and then picked up by transport semis. Event codes use to tell where it was at every stage, maybe they don't use those anymore?
  15. I've got a 2020 RST Rally Edition supposed to be built this week. I was going to do the dealer upgrade on the nav, looks like this is one option for now. Still see some nav cards on Ebay, would just have to get dealer to install / program. https://www.obdgenie.com/collections/gm-genies/products/general-motors-ios-to-iou-factory-oem-gps-navigation-with-hd-radio-upgrade
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