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  1. Where I'm located at it is pretty fast from rail yard to dealer. Maybe a couple days. Just depends on if they can find a trucker to haul them or not. Sometimes the dealer will just send someone up there to haul it back.
  2. Happy for you but clearly they are shipping them out of order. We all know that was assembled well after February.
  3. GM Rep has made calls to try and get it and also the Zone Manager. Clearly there is no orderly fashion at the plants/storage area. Chip was put in back in June. At that point you would think send it to the Rail.
  4. Still have not received much update other than it is fully produced and waiting in Mexico for the rail yet. Built in Feb. I'm sick of GM telling us to call the dealers. My dealer has excalated as high as they can.
  5. My denali will have everything on it. Would've been happy to go with out the AFM/DFM chip but whatever. Getting all my tech packages as well. This is a first for the industry and they just didn't have the ability to keep up or handle it like they had hoped. I'm so sick of GM saying your dealer has all the answers. It's the biggest joke ever. GM flat out will not tell you much. About the only way you will find anything out is IF you get the GM Rep at your dealership involved and then MAYBE you will get something moving. They have so many vehicles just sitting waiting to be shipped. I
  6. Ordered Denali 6.2 in January, built/produced in February and sitting in Mexico still. Sitting for this long is just uncalled for.
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