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  1. Thanks for the reply. It has the 6-speed. Do you by chance know the thermostat part number or what to ask for at the dealer? They acted as if I was an idiot before...
  2. 2017 1500 SLT, 52kmiles, stock other than GM/Borla. Truck is never used for towing, but is my daily driver. I noticed recently there is an "odd" upshift between 2nd and 3rd at random times. Usually after driving for a while. Took it in to the dealer who says all is good, no burned fluid and can't duplicate the issue--they say they took it up to ~190. I drove the truck about 470 miles this weekend on vacation after dealer cleared it, but monitored the tranny temps more closely and noticed on the long highway drive with minimal cargo/passengers temp is sitting around 225-232. Ambient temps in the upper 90's. This seems high to me with very little load, but I never really paid attention to temps prior to the shifting issue... so no baseline to compare to. What temps are expected/normal?
  3. Just seeing this response. Yes, at that cost it would be a little too high for me. Perhaps there are others out there that will find this and be interested as well. Thanks for looking into this.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I feel like this is one of those photos on the net where people are saying the dress is one color or the other. HA! My wife & dad both thought the wire was blue/orange stripe twisted with blue. I guess these are the only wires in the bundle going to the door that remotely resemble the instructions so it's got to be the right ones. Yes, I was concerned about battery drain... for whatever reason, my 2017 has been through 3 batteries in 5 years and 50k miles - I assume this is going to exacerbate this problem.
  5. Deciding if I want to install the KICKER SSICRE14 (Model 19303118) subwoofer only in a 2017 Sierra SLT w/Bose. I pulled the driver kick panel off to take a peek at the wiring to see if I could locate the speaker wires that I'm supposed to tap into. According to the instructions, I'm looking for a (Blue and Blue/Brown twisted pair) which I understand is the left front door speaker. Question: is it possible that my truck doesn't use Blue/brown wires, but rather blue/orange as seen in the photo? This is definitely the harness that goes up and into the driver door, but separating out all of this bundle, I don't see any blue/brown wire twisted with a blue. These wires [see photo] are slightly larger in gauge than most of the other wires in the bundle. I cannot find a schematic of what the Blue and Blue/Orange wires would be connected to if not the speaker... Before I attempt to install I wondered if anybody else has run across this? Also, those with this set up, does the amp shut off immediately when the ignition is turned off and the drive door opened or does it stay on for a period of time?
  6. Could you extend 5 inches and and angle up for passengers in the rear seats? I would definitely be interested in purchasing. Pricing? Very slick.
  7. Anybody know the outlet pipe diameter on the GM 19303333 touring exhaust? Need to buy tips but want stainless versus the chrome that the kit recommends.
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