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  1. I haven't had this happen but quite often my music still plays when I answer my phone through Bluetooth. The only way I can fix it is to hang up and call them back.
  2. All the added lighting looks really good! I'm curious what are you using for switches to control them? And how do you have them mounted?
  3. Depending on how busy they are they should be able to PDI it in just a few hours. I had a 2016 that they took off the truck at 11 in the morning and took delivery when I got off work at 5 PM.
  4. I like the USB LED lights a lot. Where did you get them? Also how do you turn the rear one on and off?
  5. Is anyone here running the 33x12.50 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on stock 22s with a level?
  6. Is your Denali a 1500? Because the torsion bar keys would only work on a 2500. The 1500s have used spacers since 2007.
  7. Pretty much all you get is the 20% off in these deals. The dealer may contribute a little extra but in my experience with these deals is that the price is the price.
  8. Those 2 MPG are HUGE when it comes to the CAFE standards though with the number of trucks that GM and Ford sells.
  9. It's over 7% here in Tennessee depending on which city and county you live in.
  10. What's every one running for valve stem covers? I bought some chrome ones for my new Denali and they are way shorter than the factory ones. Looking for something a little nicer.
  11. I'm confused about the difference between the OEM flat and molded flaps? All the picture I can find of them look the same to me but have different part numbers.
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