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  1. Had these on my truck for about 6 months. Replaced w painted flares. Had to modify the driver front bc I lost one of the clips. I would imagine shipping to be expensive bc of box size. $200+ shipping. I’m located in NE Arkansas if u are close by.
  2. I’m running 2.5 level w 35s and 2” spacers. Req some trimming. Prolly a stupid question but can I do the 3” superlift and keep the lower 2” level spacer?
  3. Cool. Same situation here. They tried to tell me I didn’t install it right and wanted to charge me after they did the flash to further diagnose the problem. At first they told me that’s the way it’s supposed to function. I was like “No...”.
  4. Does the fog light indicator light up when your fogs are on?
  5. I installed my own then had them flashed w the authorization code. Only problem I have is that the indicator light doesn’t come on w the fogs. I’m assuming it’s bc I did not do the jumper wire from under the dash to the outside fuse box. Anyone else have this problem. Lights work like they’re supposed to.
  6. I bought mine from dealership for $240... had $120 worth of gmrewards bucks
  7. Thx for the info... The plug that u replaced the wire in, was it the green one?
  8. Bought the kit from my dealer. Having trouble with jumper to fuse box under the hood. Anybody have recs on how this is supposed to be done? I have the install sheet but it doesn't specifically say how to remove the current wire and how to install the new one. I'm not even 100% sure I'm on the correct plug. I do inow that bcm has to to be reprogrammed after the install... Thx!!
  9. I actually just installed a 2.5 RC in the front, no block in the rear. 18" XD Bully's w 35" nittos. Had to use 1/4" spacer to clear the front calipers. Then had to do some minor trimming to the interior wheel wells. Hasn't rubbed yet.
  10. Will i be able to run 35s with a 2" level on my 19 1500?
  11. Yeah... I investigated that. I think it's more than that. Thx though
  12. The noise vibration seems to be happening when transmission is in 6th. If I do manual shifting I can drop it down to m5 when it starts vibrating and it stops. As soon as I put it back in m6 it starts vibrating and making noise again.
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