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  1. Don’t know if this helps but I was able to run 35x12.5x18 toyo mts on my non trail boss w a 2.5 level kit. Had to do some major trimming of the fender liner and remove the bolted on frame caps. Also had 2” wheel spacers.
  2. I had the same issue. They tried to tell me it’s supposed to be that way. I had to plead w them to try and flash it again and lo and behold the indicator works now. From what I understand there’s more than one way to do it, the old way and the new way (whatever that means). Keep in them. The indicator should work when the fogs are on.
  3. Truck looks sweet!!! I’m sure those flares will do well w the updated rubber piece. Have a nice trip!!
  4. Finally got the Black Pearl how I like her... Took a while to install but well worth it. The kit does fit the double cab regardless of what RCX says on instruction book and on the phone . Also, did not have to take apart the strut at all, contrary to the instruction manual again. Spoke directly to RCX about a missing preload spacer that is supposed install into the strut. This has been discontinued for the Silverado. One more thing.... I’m running 35x12.5x18 wheels w 2” spacers and absolutely no rubbing on any of the lift components. Love the lift!!!
  5. Good deal... I’m putting the rcx 6” lift on it tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to get around to swapping the seal out on the flares this weekend
  6. Update regarding the wind flap.... couple weeks ago I was whining to the guys at rcx about it and they finally told me they would send me another install kit and that I should remove the flares, remove the rubber seal and install the new rubber piece. Well I was kind of a smartalec and basically said I’m pretty sure I installed it right the first time and that I don’t understand the physics of how that will make a difference just by changing the rubber piece and reinstalling the clips. Well..... turns out they changed the rubber piece. It now has 3m tape to attach the seal to the flare and another strip of 3m tape to attach the flare to the whole fender. That should solve the flapping problem for sure. Just wish the dude would have told me they changed it up so I wouldn’t have been such a punk. Lol. Anyway I’ll keep you posted as to the difference it makes. Htown T1, I hope yours have the double sided tape.
  7. Those look good bud! My pic posted above was of the non painted flares. Rcx sent me another set bc of the wind flap. Had those painted and then they started flapping. . Somehow the rear clips came off on passenger side and that flare ended up cracking... not having a good run w these so far. They do look good tho. Still waiting for some further resolution w the peeps at Rcx. I actually drilled holes and used some screws on the back flares to keep them in place. Would do that to the fronts but there’s no place to screw into at where the flares flap. Anyway..... hope yours work out better than mine. Lol
  8. Anyone else get the Rcx fender flares and have wind flap from the front flares?
  9. Wait... u didn’t necessarily want chrome, but color matched.
  10. Are they difficult to remove? Mine has the chrome and I want black. We could have swapped. Lol
  11. Had these on my truck for about 6 months. Replaced w painted flares. Had to modify the driver front bc I lost one of the clips. I would imagine shipping to be expensive bc of box size. $200+ shipping. I’m located in NE Arkansas if u are close by.
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