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  1. His truck has a 6" lift, he doesn't have a stock truck.
  2. I see you're in Oman, which is an extreme of most US roads.
  3. Dash Cams

    Even without a GPS logger, it's super easy for speed to be determined on a camera by determining distance traveled from point A to point B.
  4. Dash Cams

    I used to have that. Sold it and got a better model. Rexing V1LG. https://www.amazon.com/Channel-Dashboard-Recorder-G-Sensor-Recording/dp/B071LPV7G6/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1531410094&sr=1-3&keywords=rexing+v1lg Here's one that I captured:
  5. Yes, 2" level. Rear had about 2" raised as well from airbags for towing. Twenty Sixteen - see text below my avatar.
  6. I have 35" tires and they don't rub. 285/65r20 BFG ATs. They measure to be exactly 34.5"x11.5" on stock wheels. All I had to do was pull back the fenders, and they don't rub. Your desired size of 33x11.5 will fit no problem with stock wheels.
  7. I have a S8 and that wireless charging port does not work well. It is slow as balls too! I plug it in to charge.
  8. Holding lock button after 2nd click of remote will fold the mirrors (if you have electronic folding mirrors)
  9. Group Buy Ideas? Let's hear them

    intune i3 programmer. I already have one, but there always seems to be a lot of interest in those so it might be good for this forum. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover.
  10. 285/65r20 BFG AT KO2 Rear have airbags, front have 2" level. More pics and details here:
  11. Stock tires are always a POS anyways. I usually swap them out within 500 miles. People will buy your tires. I got $400 for my new take off tires.
  12. Mud flaps.. which to get?

    Then you will continue to have issues. mud flaps is not the only solution.
  13. Mud flaps.. which to get?

    You need extended fender flares too.

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