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  1. Holding lock button after 2nd click of remote will fold the mirrors (if you have electronic folding mirrors)
  2. intune i3 programmer. I already have one, but there always seems to be a lot of interest in those so it might be good for this forum. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover.
  3. 285/65r20 BFG AT KO2 Rear have airbags, front have 2" level. More pics and details here:
  4. Stock tires are always a POS anyways. I usually swap them out within 500 miles. People will buy your tires. I got $400 for my new take off tires.
  5. Then you will continue to have issues. mud flaps is not the only solution.
  6. Impact happened above the airbag sensors which is why bags didnt go off.
  7. Look into the Diablosport Intune i3 programmer. It's fanastic. It does more than just disabling the v4 mode.
  8. resale value, desirability. better deals from GM
  9. 2". 2.5" would be rough and stress out components. I know, its only a .5" difference, but a big difference that makes.
  10. Not a fan of mud flaps. I suggest floor liners front & back. Center console tray organizer. Cargo tie down rings. LED bed lamps. Bedrug bed liner. (that is, if you're not going to use the $750 for a bed topper)
  11. I have the rough country leveling kit. Pics here: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/208894-16-sierra-slt-from-2016-to-present/

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