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2019 Sierra Denali 6.2, won’t start

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Approximately three months after I purchased my truck (new) I had gone to pick up my Grand son.  Dove less than a mile, clear sunny day.  Got back in the truck & it would turn over & over but no start.  After 5 attempts I call roadside assistance.  They wanted to send a wrecker but I told them to hold off…let me give it a little time & try again.  After about 10 minutes it started on the first try (push button start).  I contacted dealer & shared the event.  They said it was likely a glitch & they didn’t think it would benefit me to bring it in.  Also said they had never heard of this happening before.  So it been close to a year & 2 weeks ago it did the same thing.  Except this time I got an email from ONSTAR stating there is a diagnosis of a engine/transmission problem….stating to have my truck service the next day.  I contacted the nearest GMC dealer & requested an appointment & gave them all the details.  They stated they couldn’t look at it until the following Wednesday (8 days later).  I took it to them on the appoint day.  They told me upon arriving that unless it was not starting they would be wasting their time & mine.  They told me to have a wrecker bring it to them the next time it happens.  I explained that would likely be a waste since it likely would start when it arrived at the dealership on the wrecker & they agreed but said that was what they recommended.
I contacted GM & again shared the information & expressed my dissatisfaction.  They advised they wanted me to return to another dealership & have the truck diagnosed.  So I have taken it to them & they are currently “checking to see if they can get it to re-occur.”  Not very likely to happen.  I’ve since read dozens of blog statements from other owners who are experiencing the exact same issue.  Sadly, I’ve not read one that said GM can diagnose the issue.  Spent $72,000 to purchase this truck & this is extremely disappointing.

However, the battle is just beginning……I will stay on this & if there is not a solution offered there will be wrecker bills in the future.  Only 14,000 miles & still have at least 1 more year of warranty.  

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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