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2023 GMC Canyon AT4 Infotainment Audio System Problems

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I have had my new Canyon for less than a month and I have had many issues with my Infotainment System Audio.

First time was as I was about to drive it off the lot for the first time ... zero audio from ANY source.  No BluTooth.  No SiriusXM.  Not even any AM/FM.  After nearly an hour, one of the salesmen reset the entire system to factory defaults and it worked for a few days.  I had him show me where that setting is hiding.

A few days later just the Sirius XM stopped working.  BluTooth Audio and AM/FM was OK.  The next morning, SiriusXM was working again.  Buggy, but at least it fixed itself.

It happened again a week later.  No Sirius XM on the drive to work, but after an 8 hour work day, it was working for the drive home.  Skepticism grows.

Then more recently I lost Sirius XM again for 2.5 days and began to lose all hope.  I did a complete system reset, losing all of my presets and other user settings.  No joy.  I was about to drive back to the dealership this morning and give them a piece of my mind.  "What sort of LEMON have you sold me?"   But last night, I did a bunch of google searches and came across a website that had a tip.  Apparently you can hold the "End PhoneCall" button down for 10 seconds and it does a system reset.  I'm not certain, but I don't think it clears all of my other settings.  I hadn't put them back in, so I'll have to check.

Anyway ... if you are like me, and experiencing issues with your Audio, and you have found no help in the manual, hopefully this tip will fix your problems like it did for me.

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Seems there are numerous software issues. The onstar wifi hotspot will not activate.  Three calls to onstar and the reset dance w/the door etc. Last convo basically their tech says its hardware but all other functions work. 

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If the sales person didn't help you set up the on star, blue, auto and hot spot then they fail you from the start. GM sends them the system unloaded.

But yes software problems are there, GM say that some of the function will not operate properly until the updates are released.  Which I don't understand how they can legally sell a new vehicle with safety fetchers you paid for that don't function. Do those function work for you? or are you waiting on updates?

The only things I have not working at this point that I know of are: Cruise control radar ( gap distance adjustment) and lane assistances is a little sketchy or it's just crap.

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