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2004 Yukon - Resetting 'Check Tire Pressure

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I have searched here and not any luck.


Bought a new 2004 Yukon, and immediately pulled the OEM tires off for a new set of Bridgestone Duelers.


Now my 'Check Tire Pressure' indicator won't stay off. I can reset the display, but the light stays on.


Nothing in the wonderful owners manual, and I sure don't want to go back to the dealer at the moment.


Any help is appreciated!


Gerry -

Norfolk, VA

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Well it took a trip to the dealer. Here's the story.


Basically each tire has a separate transmitter that is known to the BCM, and if

you change its position by rotating tires , they all have to be 'resynced' so the BCM knows which tire is where.




Important: Before proceeding, ensure that no other sensor learn procedures are being performed, or that tires pressures are not being adjusted on a TPM vehicle within close proximity. ( I swear, this is in the procedure! )


1. IGN ON / Engine Off


2. Parking Brake ON


3. Enable the Learn mode by:


a. Turn the exterior lamp switch from OFF to parking lamps 4 times

in 4 seconds.


b. The horn should double chirp, and the low pressure

indicator on the dash should begin to flash.


NOTE: If the learn mode cannot be entered, make sure it is ENABLED in the PDM ( Passenger Door Module ) ( so... is this where we look to disable this nice feature ? )


4. Starting at the left front tire, increase or decrease the tire

pressure until you get a horn chirp ( BCM is acknowledging the LF

tire sender ) This usually takes 8-10 seconds, maybe less, maybe

up to 30.


5. Repeat this for the other tires, following the sequence of:






6. At this point the BCM should now know which tire is where, and you

can reinflate to the desired pressure ( check the door sticker ).


NOTE: The BCM will exit the learn mode if more than 2 mintues passes without a new tire being learned. So hussle out there!!


7. Exit the "Learn Mode" by turning off the ignition.


The BCM measures pressures in all tires once every 20 seconds. If

there is a difference of more than 1.6 psi from the last reading, the

BCM will set the light.


Fun huh ? The Bridgestone guy must have switched some rims around, or he broke a sensor.



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Firestone store changed it out for me, after I purchased a new one at the dealer. Once it was back online, they reimbursed me cash for my purchase. Good guys.


Just so you know what these little $68 buggers look like:





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