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throttle cable, perf. tune

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Quite a few people Ive spoken with have said my 01 6.0 2500HD should be drive by wire, no throttle cable. Well, my truck has a cable attached to the pedal, and two cables attached to the butterfly linkage. I know the other is cruise. When did GM start with the drive by wire? I havent removed the intake cover to see if the cable is continuous, but Id imagine it is.


Ive decided that I want to try a performance tune(Westers, etc) but Ive been told that the performance tune is mainly beneficial to a drive by wire truck. Can a cabled truck still have the throttle controlled by the computer somehow? Is what Ive heard, about the tuners being most beneficial to drive by wire trucks, true?


Should I still pop for the performance tune?

When did the drive by wire start?


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in the trucks, DBW was first used in the 01 GMC C3, then in all the 02 Sierra Denali's and Escalades. It was used in some 02 6.0's but became standard in most all trucks in 2003.

A tune by any of the good tuners will give you the same gains whether it is cable or drive by wire, you were misinformed on that one!


You will get REAL gains with a custom performance tune. I've had a wester's tune in my 01 6.0 for two years now and am very happy with the performance, throttle response, shifting and gas mileage!

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