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Volt Gauge Questions

Guest Friz

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My 93 Chevy z-71 5.7, auto. is having some electrical

gremlins. I put a new alternator on the truck a couple weeks ago cause I lost a rectifier on the old one.

Well I have the new one on and the volt gauge inside the truck was reading right around 14 volts until yesterday. Now it reads a couple marks up from the red lines for low voltage. I had a electrical test done on it today, and at this "low gauge reading" it's putting 13.5 volts to the battery. At idle the alternator is putting out 22 to 25 amps. Is this normal? Or do I have a short somewhere? Thanks for the help guys, I've only had this truck a month now so I don't know what is normal for this gauge or truck

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Tyry having your battery tested at an auto parts store. If your battery is developing a shorted cell it will draw excessive current from the alternator and show a lower reading on your voltmeter.  In a 12v battery you have 6 cellls each producing about 2.2 volts with the engine off. You should measure about 13.2 volts at the battery  terminals with the engine off.

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