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Baer Brakes, Autotap and Granatelli MAFs on sale!

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We currently have the following truck products on sale -


Baer Brakes (ends 5/31) -




We are offering discounts on all Baer Brakes products. This includes their Eradispeed rotors and complete brake packages (Alumasports pictured above). Baer's Alumasport brake packages include 2 piece 14" crossdrilled, slotted and zinc washed rotors up front and 1 piece in the rear, red 2 piston PBR calipers all around along with all necessary hardware for the install. These fit all GM 1/2 ton GM trucks and SUVs.




The EradiSpeed+1 upsized rotor package for the latest generation of GM ½ ton truck and SUV applications. These performance rotors feature LITE™ (Low Inertia / Thermally Efficient) technology. Two piece rotors have anodized billet aluminum hats with re-useable stainless N.A.S. aircraft hardware. Designed specifically for use with popular 18-22-inch wheels, EradiSpeed+1's feature massive 14" diameter rotors front and rear, along with all the custom hardware to make installation quick and easy. EradiSpeed+1 rotors are also "cosmetically enhanced" with cross-drilled, slotted and zinc washed surfaces.


Cast from a high friction iron alloy, EradiSpeed+1 rotors are designed with more mass for heat absorption, are directionally ventilated for increased pumping efficiency and feature billet or forged aluminum centers, which reduce overall rotor weight. By eliminating the weight at the center of the stock iron rotor, Baer is able to cast the rotor with more mass in the "fire path," (where the pads contact the rotor,) allowing substantially more heat to be absorbed into the rotor. Balancing and heat-treating, coupled with the increased pumping efficiency of directional vanes (vents), ensure that EradiSpeed+1 rotors deliver substantial performance benefits.


18" wheels or larger are required for these brake packages.


Pricing is lower than we are allowed to advertise so you'll have to give us a call or e-mail [email protected] to receive a price quote. This sale covers all brakes that Baer produces so please let us know what you are looking for when you contact us.


5% off and free shipping for Autotap software (ends 5/22) -


The AutoTap scan tool connects the special OBD II plug-in-port on or under the dash of your car or light truck to your computer. The AutoTap scanner then translates the signals from your vehicle’s computer-controlled sensors to easy-to-read visual displays.


Did you know that your car provides data for hundreds of sensor readings? Just choose which of these parameters you want to see and whether you want to view them in tables or as graphs, meters or gauges. Set your own ranges and alarms and even pick your own colors! Once you've got a screen configuration that works for you, save it with a couple of keystrokes. Save as many different screen configurations as you need... for different vehicles, or perhaps one for major maintenance, one for tuning, one for quick checks at the track. Now you’ve got a powerful tool that will allow you to read many different parameters.


Track quick-changing parameters like RPM and O2 Sensor readings at rates up to 40 times a second. View your results in English or Metric


Log a dyno or track run with AutoTap’s proprietary data logging feature. Then replay the file to review your vehicle’s performance; transfer it to a spreadsheet for analysis; or email it to a friend to compare your performance to his.


Turn off the Check Engine light. Did you know something as simple as a loose gas cap can make your trouble light come on? Use the AutoTap scanner to retrieve trouble codes and their descriptions and reset your Check Engine light. You might just save big bucks by avoiding a trip to the dealer!


Granatelli MAF sensors (ends 5/22) -


The extra power you need when you need it: on the ramp acceleration, on demand passing, towing, through the hills or wherever. Granatelli Motor Sports performance mass airflow sensors reduce engine load and improve efficiency. This occurs by providing quicker and more accurate calibration to changes in engine intake airflow, fuel and spark timing. In addition, the smooth design of our sensor’s inlet tube improves airflow capacity over OEM equipment by an industry leading 47%. The added performance is chassis dyno proven from 2000 rpm to the red line. Most importantly, the performance can be felt where it counts, in the seat of your pants. Granatelli Motor Sports performance mass airflow sensors are ideal for adding extra performance with none of the hassles. All you need are basic hand tools and about 10 minutes of your time.


How They Work: Mass air induction systems measure airflow with an electronic “hot-wire” type mass airflow sensor. The sensing element in the air intake provides an output voltage reading that is directly proportional to the amount of air that is entering the engine. This airflow measurement reduces the calculations required to control fuel and ignition spark advance. Mass airflow sensors can react quickly and accurately to sudden changes in airflow while improving overall vehicle performance and drivability.


Calibrated for Optimum Performance: Granatelli Motor Sports spends hundreds of hours testing and calibrating to optimize performance for your specific application. Each application is calibrated on our proprietary computerized flow bench. Then, each application is dyno tested and driven under a variety of real world tests using sophisticated air/fuel ratio monitors, exhaust gas temperature gauges and data logging computers.


Sale pricing is -


Granatelli MAF sensor $269.99 (no cold air tuning)

Granatelli MAF sensor $279.99 (with cold air tuning)


Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763).




ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-508-636-0770 in MA)

E-MAIL - [email protected]



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There are many different Autotap programs available. You can see the complete listing in the Trucks Ignition section of the site. There is also a complete description in there.

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