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Lowering a 2500HD 4x4

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I have a new 2500HD 4x4 ordered. I tow a lightweight 5th wheel with it so would like it to set a little lower. Also, it is easier to get in and out of a truck that sets lower. So, I have a set of lowering shackles ordered (the GM dealer told me that won't void my warranty as I only am lowering the rear by about 2"). They told me that once those are installed, I can decide two things - do I need to install pinion shims, and does the front need to be dropped by 1/2" to 1" by simply uncranking the torsion bars and realigning.


My question is:


Are there any negatives to uncranking the torsion bars to lower the front end a small amount such as 1/2"-1"?


My email address is:


[email protected]

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If you loosed the bolts on your torsion bars you will have a very poor performing front suspension, it will bottom out on most anything.


A torsion bar front suspension isn't made to be lowered.


Why not just do an axle flip on the camper to raise up the camper, its cheap and easy, and you won't mess with the fine tuned GM settings that they spend countless hours of development to make perfect.

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shouldnt have bought it if it was too high.  Maybe an econoline would have done better..lol







Why did u get a 2500 HD if you are pulling a little 5th wheel? get a 1/2 ton and that would be perfect.


Get a generic block kit for the axles, that will give you your couple of inches.

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