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  1. After buying only GM trucks I also decided it was time to try something else. Loved my 2015 max tow 6.2 but the constant issues, many of them repeatedly and my power train warranty about up I was done. Best part of the truck was wide open throttle where it ran and drove decently. Problem is that you can't drive that way often. Instead I put up with terrible shifting, or the thing not down shifting at all. Randomly shook on the highway and I tried several days of tires and wheels at my expense. I still like GM trucks but the truck had issues GM was ingnoring like leading axle seals, multiple times, 3 leaking radiators, the list goes on and on. I absolutely hate Ford and what they're doing so Ram and Toyota were my choices. So far my 2019 Ram Rebel has been awesome. My tuned 6.2 had far more power which is important to me but the Hemi isn't bad at all. Maybe I'll be back when and if GM starts taking care of the customer better. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. Been a active member since 2004. I have read posts on GM- Trucks.com every day since and all my 48 years have been with GM vehicles for the most part. It's somewhat sad for me to tell you I've decided to try something else as for as a daily driver. I've had too many issues with GM pickup trucks since 2007. I had a '86, '94, '97, ' 98, '00, and '05 that were great trucks. Then I bought a 2007 GMC 1500 that ate front end parts and burned oil long and fuel sending units before I hit 100, 000 miles. Traded that for a 2011 1500 6.2 that I loved for the power but knocked and pinged like crazy every cold start to the point strangers looked at me like my truck was going to explode. Couldn't drive it until it warmed up a few minutes. Traded the that for a 2015 1500 NHT, 6.2 LTZ. It was a love/ hate relationship for a few years but after needing a 3rd radiator, 4 rear axle seals, trans issues the entire time (8 speed) horrible shift issues, I decided to try a different brand. Picked up a 2019 Ram Rebel crew cab last week. I originally wanted a 6.2 Trail Boss but it was a hard find. So far I have to grudgingly admit that the Ram is way nicer. At least nicer than my 2015 LTZ. It's nicely optioned with the 5.7, E- torque, and a few things off- road oriented. First off, the 6.2 was a freaking rocket. It had a Lew tune along with light weight 18" wheels and tires and the thing would move out really well. Hands down the quickest truck I've owned and quicker than any truck that wanted to have a little go. The Ram 5.7 with E-torque has 530 lb ft of torque off the line but nowhere near as quick as the 6.2. The Ram feels much better driving though. Shifts are perfect, throttle response is almost too touchy, the thing just wants to accelerate hard where the Silverado was so lazy feeling until you floored it. I've had the Ram for a week now and so far it's really fun to drive. Build quality seems decent and I'm hoping to have less issues but only time will tell. I'll really miss this site if I'm honest though. So strange to finally get to the point I'm so fed up with GM that I but a Dodge Lol. Who knows... Maybe I'll be back? There's some great people on here and I'll miss you guys!
  3. Thanks! I'll look at the kings. I should have mentioned the reason for getting control arms is that the drivers side has a little play. The dealership couldn't find it but when I had my son push and pull in the top of the tire I could feel a little movement when grabbed the grease boot. I've been researching for a couple days and I'm finding people seem to like the Bilstein 6112 set up with the Bilstein springs. I hear they ride better than the 5100's. What ever I get I'm not worried too much about cost. I drive a lot and I sure don't want to regret not getting a smooth riding shock. I've been going backwards compared to many on here. I bought some 2019 Silverado 18" wheels wrapped in Michelins. Ditched the stock 20's because of the harsh ride. I have a 2" spacer lift that I'm sure is hurting ride quality but I'm not sure I'm at the point I want to go back to stock height yet.
  4. I'm looking to replace my uppers along with a set of front shocks. ( 2015 6.2 NHT)I have a lower "shim style" leveling kit which as we know accelerated the wear on my ball joints. I have just south of 95,000 mileS and the dealership says my front shocks are making noise which I've heard occasionally along with the dreaded knocking when you drive slowly across a rough driveway or parking lot that I believe is the control arm on the driver's side. These factory stock front shocks have only been about 45,000 miles. They're the non Rancho black ones. I had Bilstein 5100 installed on the highest setting but didn't really like them at all. They were too stiff and I felt every tiny pavement seam. The Bilsteins started making a small knocking noise after about a year and then the top of one broke off. I went back to factory and the ride was a bit better but both sets of shocks would pogo horribly over speed bumps even at a crawl and if feel and hear a large bang work the shocks extended. So I'm looking for recommendations on upper control arms and shocks. I'd like to get the tubular angle correcting style but I'm having a hard time finding any that are priced decently. The ones that are priced right are all out of stock. So what's a smooth riding shock that doesn't accentuate every imperfection in the road?
  5. Damn I'm jealous. I've wanted to do this on my 2015 6.2 but not sure what to do about a tune. I just got a custom tune from Lee but he doesn't mess with e85, not sure why.
  6. You're not wrong in my opinion. In fact GM should be covering the cost to replace these junk 8 speed transmissions with the 10 speed.. hell I'd even trade for the 6 speed. We have them good money for these trucks and they give us something that doesn't work correctly right from the showroom floor. Really that's criminal.
  7. I have a 2015 Silverado NHT and have 285/70/17 Duratracs for the winter and a set of 2020 OEM 18" wheels with 265/65/18 Michelin Primacy LTX tires for the summer. Like you I'm not blown away with the winter performance of the Duratracs ( although they look really nice)and may run my Primacys all year.
  8. Ironically I just changed my rear brake pads ...again a few days ago. The fronts are still decent and they're the z36 Powerstops. I wanted the same for the rear this time but Amazon couldn't ship them before we left on vacation so I just grabbed a set of OEM pads and will probably order the z36 pads and rotors before winter. Went with
  9. Seems with modern day naturally aspirated vehicles there's isn't a lot of power left to unlock. Like it's been said before a custom tune will wake it up some. I been going to lighter wheels and tires. Had 20's with heavy tires and wheels with mud tires, etc over the years. I just bought some stock 2020 18" wheels yesterday with stock 265/65/18 Michelin primacy LTX tires and immediately felt the difference . My stock 17" with 285/70/17 Duratracs weighed 76# each. Similar to some of the stock 20" wheels and tires. Now my set up weighs 62#, that's a unsprung savings of 14# per wheel and tire. My point is I probably gained more "power" by doing that then I did with my Magnaflow exhaust or intake.
  10. I've been wanting to do this on my 2015 LTZ with the chrome grill. It looked like the inserts could be removed without taking the entire grill off but after trying and almost getting them I just couldn't without possibly damaging other parts. I've been looking for just the inserts and have found them at online parts stores but they're about $134. Keep us updated!
  11. Does your truck have any shake? I had the 1.5" Bora spacers but I think my shake/ vibration may be from a rear axle issue like many others. The spacers made it worse. I really liked the look the Bora spacers gave me though.
  12. It's nice when on a steep hill and or towing. Like it was said already it allows you to go from the brake to the gas smoothly on a hill. I could see this feature being even more useful work a manual trans. Overall I like it, just wish it was more consistent. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  13. I think I have about 85,000 on my 2015 6.2 8 speed. It has sloppy shifting, mostly it won't downshift into 2nd or 1st unless all the way stopped. Other than that and a few bugs at first I tolerate it. I do like how it shifts when you floor the gas though. ?
  14. Can't really go wrong with a Magnaflow muffler. There are times I wish it was louder but it's nice at other times to enjoy the quiet in the cab. My wife drives my truck occasionally and leaving the driveway she's got the gas a little heavy. It's definitely authoritative and mean sounding outside. I have the 6.2 but the 5.3 would be similar.
  15. I wanted new wheels with a more negative offset but couldn't justify the cost. I installed 1.5" Bora hub centric spacers without any issues with them for about a year. It looked great with the 285/70/17 Duratracs and handled better than stock in the curves and twisty roads. The issue I had was my truck had always had a little shake since I bought it at 19,000 miles. The spacers made it worse! It leads me to believe that my issue may be one of the rear axles. Possiblly by moving the wheels out farther it exaggerated the "out of round " I had going on at the hub. Taking the spacers off the shaking got quite a bit better. I'd say go for but only get quality hub centric spacers from a reputable company. Not the Chinese junk.
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