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  1. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    Even with the flapper pinned open I don't get the helicopter noise. I can tell it's in v4 most of the time but it's not at all intrusive like it was with the MBRP cat-back. I can't imagine anyone being bothered by it.
  2. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I have the Magnaflow 12909 I believe. ( The one for the 6.2 liter) Just removed the stock muffler and welded this in it's place. Left the flapper valve in it. With the flapper operational it's hard to tell much of a difference from inside the truck. Pinned the valve open and it sounds much better. I left the resonator on because I was afraid it would be too loud. I then tried a MBRP cat-back and it sounded really good but ended up being a little too loud, especially when towing a heavier trailer. Went back to the Magnaflow. Had the girlfriend use the truck while I listened from the driveway and it sounds great. Deep, powerful sound but in no way loud. Sounds more like the 93-97 Camaro LT-1 with a nice rumble.
  3. I'd think you should be able to smoke a few Fords as your truck is. I've never had one give my truck any real competition.
  4. What wheels are these from ?

    Aren't they early All-Terrain wheels?
  5. Oil drain plug size

    Lol!.. Not sure what to do with that info on the jugs 😉.. However yes the 2014-18 4.3l takes 6 quarts, 8 quarts for the V8's.
  6. Dimensions of rear blocks

    Usually the stock block is removed (1.25") and replaced with a 2" block. I used a 3" block but had a lot of clunking and leaf spring noise that went away when I went back to the factory blocks.
  7. I had the rattle several times. Twice it was under the long dash insert.. Wires were rattling against the plastic cover just like the previous generation of trucks. Another stemmed from my LOC under the dash for my amp . This last rattle I had came out of nowhere and it was the 4 screws on the panel under the steering column. They had worked out about 1/4". If you sit in the truck and tap around with your fingers you may be able to narrow down were the rattle is. Sometimes you can think the noise is coming from one place but it ends up coming from something nearby.
  8. I noticed when I had swapped out my stock blocks for 3" blocks I had the same feeling you did. Even when stopped and giving it gas to get over a hump I had going into the garage. I went back to stock and it lessoned quite a bit. Now again I'm wanting to lift the rear a little bit I'm thinking 2" blocks this time.
  9. Looking for back window decal ideas

    I like it. Go for it!
  10. Opinion on Shock issues?

    I should mention that I have the Max Tow package with the stiffer ride so when I say I don't recommend the Bilsteins take that into consideration. I didn't like them at all as I felt EVERY little seam in the pavement..I swear you could paint a line across the road and I could feel it when I drove over it. I'm much much happier with the poly spacer kit and stock " black" shocks.
  11. Opinion on Shock issues?

    I had this issue when I had my Bilstein leveling shocks on but it went away when I put the stock shocks back on the front. Sheet that I installed a soccer leveling kit but the noise is still gone. Could very well be the shocks but I'd get another opinion and wouldn't let the dealership do the work.. They want ridiculous rates..
  12. Upgrades for a smoother ride?

    Ditch the 20" wheels. Go for 17 or 18" stock wheels and stock size tire that's rated the same as it left the factory. I've found the Goodyear SR-A's to ride the best and if you don't off-road then they're not as bad as you hear about. I wouldn't do Bilsteins as they will definitely firm up the ride and you're going to feel every seam and tiny imperfection in the road. Stick with the black factory shocks.
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    Typically the Bilsteins will amplify the small jarring bumps and pavement cracks, seams, etc. It was really noticable in a video I shot with the Bilsteins and then again without. You could hear the truck hitting the little bumps with the Bilsteins and it smoothed out when I went back to the stock black shocks.
  14. Bilstein 4600 replacement shocks

    Before I catch hell from the Bilstein guys on here I will say the one thing they did better was prevent the passengers from being bobbleheads. The factory shocks are terrible in that regard.
  15. Bilstein 4600 replacement shocks

    Bilsteins are by no means smoother. I had them all the way around but eventually went back to stock. I also went for the ridiculous 20" wheels to the 18" stock wheels and my ride is way better then it ever was. And this is with a Max tow that's sprung heavier in the rear. Funny that yesterday I was looking at a couple videos I took while doing some short speed bursts to see what the magnaflow sounded like. I also saw some I had took with the Bilsteins and stock 20" wheels and even in the video the pavement seams and small bumps made a loud banging noise. The camera would really jolt. The new video was much smoother. Just my take on them.

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