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  1. Does your truck have any shake? I had the 1.5" Bora spacers but I think my shake/ vibration may be from a rear axle issue like many others. The spacers made it worse. I really liked the look the Bora spacers gave me though.
  2. It's nice when on a steep hill and or towing. Like it was said already it allows you to go from the brake to the gas smoothly on a hill. I could see this feature being even more useful work a manual trans. Overall I like it, just wish it was more consistent. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. I think I have about 85,000 on my 2015 6.2 8 speed. It has sloppy shifting, mostly it won't downshift into 2nd or 1st unless all the way stopped. Other than that and a few bugs at first I tolerate it. I do like how it shifts when you floor the gas though.
  4. Can't really go wrong with a Magnaflow muffler. There are times I wish it was louder but it's nice at other times to enjoy the quiet in the cab. My wife drives my truck occasionally and leaving the driveway she's got the gas a little heavy. It's definitely authoritative and mean sounding outside. I have the 6.2 but the 5.3 would be similar.
  5. I wanted new wheels with a more negative offset but couldn't justify the cost. I installed 1.5" Bora hub centric spacers without any issues with them for about a year. It looked great with the 285/70/17 Duratracs and handled better than stock in the curves and twisty roads. The issue I had was my truck had always had a little shake since I bought it at 19,000 miles. The spacers made it worse! It leads me to believe that my issue may be one of the rear axles. Possiblly by moving the wheels out farther it exaggerated the "out of round " I had going on at the hub. Taking the spacers off the shaking got quite a bit better. I'd say go for but only get quality hub centric spacers from a reputable company. Not the Chinese junk.
  6. If I'm not mistaken the black honeycomb grill and z71 grill have different size inserts. The surround around the insert on the z71 is wider. Just wanted to make sure you get all the grille parts if and when you do the swap. I don't remember seeing any z71 's with a honeycomb grill.
  7. The first time driving it you may feel like the truck is sitting way up in the air. When I leveled my 2011 I felt like everyone was looking because the front seemed super high compared to the way it was before the level. You get used to it really fast and I think you'll prefer the look of being leveled. My truck rides firmer leveled but corners much better and doesn't scrape parking curbs with the air dam.
  8. I have next to the lightest configuration that offered a 6.2. double cab, 6.5' bed with the 4 wheel drive adding a little weight. Hitting 60 mph under 5 seconds seems crazy fast in a 3 ton brick without power adders so your probably right.
  9. I already owned the tuner so I just had to pay $150 for the custom tune that I downloaded on the tuner. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. So I've wanted a custom tune on my 2015 6.2L for a couple years and finally pulled the trigger. I've had my Diablosport tuner installed but couldn't really tell much of a difference between the canned tune and stock. Sure when I made certain changes I could feel it like AFM delete and shift point changes. That said I felt it ran best with the factory tune and the throttle boost all the way up. I got ahold of Lew ( custom tuner who uses Diablosports custom tune platform) and sent my data logs. He had me my first time fine and delivered in a couple hours. First impression was great and the more I drove the better the truck performed. I did my WOT log days later because of weather. First dry day I made several attempts at it but wheel spin was impossible to avoid. Got the final tune installed and I've been super impressed ever since. Even with 33" load E Duratracs, a couple hundred pounds of gear and tool box I have to be careful accelerating from a stop. Several times a day I accidentally chirp the tires taking off and anything over a quarter throttle guarantees wheel spin on dry pavement. Come spring I want to get a 0-60 time done and I'm betting it's under 5 seconds. Stock this trucks time is 5.7 so I don't really think it's unattainable. I highly recommend a custom tune, especially with the potential the 6.2 has!
  11. I have the LTZ with a bench seat, Cocoa/ Dune leather. I wouldn't mind doing the swap but I'm in Michigan. I don't have the Bose but I do think your amp is under the center console with your sub. At least the older model I had was.
  12. Think we swapped messages about tires some time back. You live in Swartz Creek? Saw your  post about replacing Bilstein 5100 shocks for GM black. Which GM shock are you referring to? You have the NHT (?) suspension?


    I have a 16 1500 Z71 and need to ditch the stock Rancho's. 170 pages on one thread about the 5100 being so great but I am apprehensive. 

    1. michigan2500hd


      Hey there! Yes I think we swapped tires and maybe wheels. I've done that a few times. I do have the NHT suspension with the black factory shocks. I have reinstalled the black shocks to get a smoother ride but trailering was much better  with the Bilsteins. 

  13. I second the Magnaflow! The longest one you can find. I have the 6.2 with a Magnaflow and the flapper valve pinned open and inside the truck it's almost stock sounding while outside it sounds pretty good. Deep with a good tone.
  14. I've gone the route if 10 ply tires on a half ton a few times and always missed the ride of the p metrics. I have 8 ply Duratracs on now and although it rides just ok I'm already looking forward to the next set being p metrics. I searched these Duratracs out because they were only 8 ply and the lightest aggressive tires in my size of 285/70/17's. You don't have nearly the sidewall I do. I sure wouldn't consider 10 ply.
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