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  1. I had a similar issue. Could not join the WiFi network. Called OnStar a talked with a tech. Tried numerous attempts to diagnose the issue. Multiple resets etc. He was stumped for a bit as to why he could not resolve the issue. On a whim he decided to have me delete the network from my phone. He then remotely changed the network password and had me join the network using the new password. Bingo! It worked. No issues since.
  2. Did the same. I used double sided tape to mount the sensor motors to the bottom of the seat pan thinking maybe the vibrations would be felt. Nope! So I turned them off. Bottom line, the seats could and should offer a much higher level of comfort. Unless they redesigned the seat bottoms on the ‘21 they are not buried at all. I believe they sit in a recess and the only padding is the upholstery. When I removed mine, I pulled them out through a small hole in bottom of the seat foam. The hole is for the wire and connector to pass through but large enough to remove the sensor motor. I made up two plugs from some closed cell foam and inserted them into the voids.
  3. I captured this from an online window sticker. Check out the last line.
  4. GM must have had a pile of GMT800 ISS’s sitting around and decided to use them up. Can’t believe this issue is reoccurring! WTF! Thanks for confirming and sharing your video. BTW, you didn’t mention this or show it in the video, but you need to be careful when removing the shaft so that the steering wheel does not spin freely. It could damage the airbag clock spring. I also noted this in the video comments.
  5. There are some available updates... https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2020/oct/1007-silverado.html Beautiful truck though.
  6. Ahhh yes! The infamous GMT800 I.S.S. (Intermediate Steering Shaft) issue. IIRC, first recall was to repack the spline with grease. That would tighten up the tolerance for a while and the knock would eventually return. Second recall was to replace the shaft with a revised part. When didn’t work, back to repacking with grease. The steering on my 2020 feels odd at times but overall performs well. I have the digital steering. Seems to have very, very light effort on center, possibly a quarter inch or so of play left and right off center, hard to tell. The odd part is that the truck tracks very well at all speeds. No wandering at all, tightens up nicely as speed increases. I have noticed a few instances of very slight knocking felt through the steering column. Approaching 1000 miles.
  7. AT4 trim is a top seller right now. When I bought my Denali on 11/2, it had an additional $1000 rebate over the AT4. You are also going to be limited by current supply. Sellers market to some degree. I purchased from Robertson’s in Wareham. Been in business a long time. Family owned and operated. Exceptional buying experience from start to finish. Deal included my trade-in. No BS, straight forward deal. They honored the First Responder discount that I qualified for while others would not.
  8. New truck in the driveway! Took advantage of some great incentives as well as excellent trade equity. What an incredible truck!
  9. See this thread... https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/235530-help-w-relocating-camera-port-from-bumper-to-bed-for-5th-wheel/
  10. Saw this at a local dealer. LT CC 4X4 Std. Bed. Impressive payload.
  11. I have installed my below the rail box in my last three trucks using heavy duty zip ties........ Attach an anchor ring to each side of the tool box (be sure to check for interference inside the box) then simply zip tie to the lower load rings in the bed. I installed the anchor rings on the tool box 10-12" higher than but even with the lower bed rings so there is some downward force applied when cinching down the zip ties. Position the zip tie so that the locking tab passes through the lower bed ring from front to rear, keeping the tab close to the bed ring. This will provide a good mechanical advantage when tightening the tie. I have used one zip tie per side without issue. You can simply add an additional tie to each side for added safety. Parts were purchased at Lowe's
  12. Nice truck and welcome to the forum You'll have better results getting answers to your questions by going to the topic specific sections. Try out the search feature, or scroll through the many pages. Chances are this topic has been discussed previously. Still cant find what your looking for, feel free to post a question, lots of help full peeps here. Here is a good place to start... http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/187-2014-2015-2016-silverado-sierra-accessories-modifications/
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