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  1. Extended warranties

    They push it in the finance office for a reason - they need it more than you do.
  2. D5S LED Bulb Replacement

    Cool! Guess I should've checked eBay more recently too...looks like the same one there too from a USA seller: https://ebay.us/TxTH4k
  3. D5S LED Bulb Replacement

    Oh! How long have you been using them? Any complaints? How does the light output compare to the stock HID?
  4. I'm satisfied with the light output of the stock HID in my 2017, but have been periodically looking for a D5S LED bulb replacement because it seems ridiculous to me to pay so much money for a bulb that will only last a couple years. I came across these today, which look like a direct LED replacement: https://lumenshpl.com/products/d5-led-6000k-each-by-lumens-hpl I've never heard of Lumens High Performance Lighting, a Canadian company. I'm wondering if anybody might have tried these? Or would be interested in trying them and reporting back to us?? Or maybe that has input on whether this company is reputable or not?
  5. I second the VLEDS - they are awesome. Mine don’t even get hot to the touch and have worked flawlessly for a year now.
  6. When I bought my new truck the finance guy tried wheeling and dealing and pushing and pushing for an extended warranty, to the point that he was basically begging and came across as desperate. It was almost comical if it wasn't so annoying. But it told me everything I needed to know; he needed it more than I did.

  8. Not a bad looking truck. Those mirrors though - gotta go! They look like something a kid threw together with Legos...
  9. I agree. Somebody photoshopped it on another thread with a straight line connecting to the rear half and it made a world of difference. It made it look so much more aggressive and complete.
  10. Front Valence Removal

    Yes, it's pretty simple and straight forward once you crawl under it and look. I did the same thing - painted the chrome black. There are clips all the way around. I used a trim tool to get it started and it went pretty smooth after that. I also had to drill out two rivets that were holding the license plate frame on and used small bolts to put it back on.
  11. I found a pair of tail lights on eBay. They're pretty rare, but if you keep checking they'll pop up every once in awhile.
  12. Is there really an issue with tire chain/cable use with these trucks? Or is it more of GM passing the liability off? Obviously if a chain or cable breaks it could wreak havoc, but if it's used properly I don't see why there would be an issue... I'm of the opinion of not needing them, but unfortunately my state requires all vehicles (AWD and 4WD included) to have chains and use them when advised.
  13. I got this and have been very happy with it: NEW 2019 Rugged Geek RG1000 INTELLIBOOST 1000A Portable Auto Jump Starter and Power Supply with LCD Display. USB Laptop Charging. Emergency Auto Jump Box for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Motorbikes (Currently has a $20 off coupon on Amazon)
  14. Torn on mirrors! Need help

    Very nice ride!! Both mirrors look great on it, but I like the non-towing ones better. And definitely the chrome cap!

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