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  1. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Looks like a minivan with a bed to me...
  2. It is definitely throatier on acceleration. I haven't noticed any real power difference.
  3. Right now just the stock filter. I bought the Airaid Jr. kit and put the air tube on, but since I've only got 3k miles on the truck I figured I'd get a little more use out of the oem filter before putting in the Airaid dry filter.
  4. Yup. My brand new ‘17 was a victim of that.
  5. In the 2nd photo (with the foam), I cut out the smaller oval. There’s a formed pattern on the backside to follow and it lines up perfectly with an oval cutout inside the fender. Not a huge additional opening, but if it adds 10%(?) more air flow - why not?
  6. And here’s a shot of the inside of the fender... this was meant to be!
  7. Okay, this is an excellent (FREE) mod! Right up there with the accelerator paint stick and foglight/high beam resistor. The hardest part was removing and replacing the airbox. Other than that, took about 3 mins with a hole saw drill bit and jigsaw. Haven’t had a chance to drive it yet. Thanks guys!
  8. Anybody have pictures of their modified stock intake box/inlet?
  9. Stevan’s new Silverado

    Very nice! I like the matte bumpers.
  10. Cancel it. Put the “refund” directly into a savings account for possible emergency repairs.
  11. Third brake light leak? Wouldn’t be the first time... Check the back corner and wall under the rear window.
  12. 2019 6.2 emblem

    On the same page, does anybody have a part number for the new Z71 emblem that's on the upper quarter panel on the new 2019's?
  13. Look at VLEDS resistors. I’ve been using them in my front and rear signals with no problems. They mount with 3M high heat adhesive double sided tape and barely get warm to the touch.
  14. Take a look at VLEDS resistors. They’re pretty robust and have been working flawlessly in my front and rear signals. They barely even get warm to the touch...
  15. Might be a dumb question, but what is an HMI?

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