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  1. Last good z71

    And color matched bumpers...
  2. I'm going to assume the cheap paint is the new trend across all manufacturers and not just GM... Helps me sleep better at night.
  3. I swear if I look at my paint the wrong way it chips or scrapes... By and far the weakest paint I've ever had on a vehicle.
  4. Unrelated, but nice looking truck! Are those OEM fender flares?
  5. I'm not engine mechanic savvy one bit, so just curious if there's more wear-and-tear with or without AFM? I once read somewhere that even though the 4 valves are deactivated, they're still moving, and the lack of combustion could result in more wear...? My experience is that I had it on my 2009 and never even knew until after I traded it in.
  6. Crew or Double Cab?

    I used to exclusively buy double cabs and loved them! Then we had twins and the car seats wouldn't fit with any level of comfort. The crew cab is MUCH bigger inside. I remember it felt like a minivan when I first got in. It also felt like driving a battleship compared to my old trucks. I've gotten used to it now and like it, but if I didn't have kids I'd still be rocking the double.
  7. I love how their first diagnosis is always aftermarket parts. I have similar symptoms and asked them to check it out at my first oil change last week. They said they couldn't replicate it but that they noticed I installed an Airaid intake tube and said it was probably getting too much air... C'mon now!
  8. So... I’m going to chalk this one up to a perfect storm of: not knowing that the keyfob lock/unlock was tied to the ambient light sensor; not knowing that the engine had to be running for the back up lights to work; and not seeing the back up lights in my video (possibly didn’t even turn on because the tailgate was down)... but everything is working as it should today. Thank you xMEATxHAMMERx and pgamboa! I’m going to crawl back into my humble cave now.
  9. I didn’t know that either... I took a video of it while actually backing up and didn’t see the lights on. But when I was checking bulbs, fuses and power the engine wasn’t running. I’ll take a look at it more tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. I have an update - I just used the keyfob to lock/unlock the truck and the backup lights turned on! Tells me it has something to do with the transmission...
  11. I did try with the resistors disconnected and got the same results, with hyper flash as expected.
  12. So I bit the bullet and bought some LTZ LED tail lights for my 2017 LT. Got them installed with resistors and the tail, brake, and signal lights work perfectly. Both back up lights, however, are not working. I used the same bulbs I had been using from the LT harness, and tried flipping them in the sockets to no avail. Removed the resistors and got hyper flashing as expected, and still no back up lights. Tried replacing the original LT harness and the tail light bulbs work, but not the back ups. I’ve since found that there’s no power at the harness and no power at the under hood fuse (#33). There is power at the driver’s side dash fuse (#7). Looking for ANY suggestions or advice... Hoping it doesn’t have anything to do with the BCM and dreading having to drag it to the dealership for help.
  13. I’m still using the stock paper filter, so good there. Once that’s used up I’ll go with the Airaid dry filter.
  14. That’s what I thought too about the code(s). Good idea, I’ll check all the connections.
  15. Took our 2017 Silverado, with 2,200 miles on it, on the first long trip across the state. Everything went without a hitch until day 2 when I was driving on the highway and the engine light came on, engine revved up, and speed dropped to 35 and wouldn’t go any faster. It ran normal, with the engine light lit after I restarted it. Limped it back to the inlaws with no further problems and the following morning the engine light shut off when I topped off the gas tank. Got an OnStar email informing me of an issue with the engine/transmission and to take it in for service within 7 days. Just left the dealership and they said they couldn’t find any trouble codes or problems... In regard to some transmission jittering I’ve noticed on slow to normal acceleration, they said they couldn’t replicate it and suggested I remove my Airaid intake tube because the engine may be getting too much air?! On the bigger problem, my only thought is that it might have something to do with it being the first time I’ve ever ran it down to 1/8th tank of gas. Maybe a contaminant, fuel filter, or sensor glitch...

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