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  1. I just bought factory trim pieces although I do like the wrap as you choose any pattern or color.
  2. My 3.0 currently has the same problem. First exhaust check engine light, dealer ordered parts, gave it back. 2 weeks later service Def system, 95 miles to reduced speed. Sat in front of the house for two weeks, dealer got the parts after almost 30 days, then could not replicate the first problem. Now high ambient temperature CEL. What a piece of ****** and Chevy dealers are not helpful at all. 4 months of ownership and only driven less 2.5 months. When I get it back may trade in on a Toyota Tundra
  3. 20x9 +15 Trail Boss Reps with 275/60/20 Goodyear Wranglers AT
  4. Then there thisOrdered on 21 Aug, texted GM and all they could tell me was the GM accepted the order for production. If I can’t get the 3.0 probably will pull chocks and look for an HD. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gmauthority.com/blog/2021/08/general-motors-temporarily-halts-lm2-3-0l-duramax-diesel-engine-production/amp/
  5. Not good, just ordered one. Will be contacting dealer I guess.
  6. Do you happen to have a shot from the front, trying to see how much they stick out? Looks great
  7. I don’t have my truck yet as I just ordered it but from what I read about leveling and 4x4, I think I’m going to use the Bilsteins 5100 adjustable height struts to level with a block in back to keep some rake.
  8. https://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/afe-vulcan-stainless-exhaust-duramax
  9. What brand are your running boards? Wanting to get black wheel to wheel that don’t hang down to the ground
  10. How do you like the trailer tow mirrors? I just ordered an RST with them and now concerned about blind spots. Love the red truck
  11. Do you have a side shot? I still want about 1” rake fir when I’m towing my camper. Looks great!
  12. Available in reproduction form. https://www.jegs.com/i/OE+Wheels/494/9509781/10002/-1?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpf2IBhDkARIsAGVo0D3UoSxQ535DVScTqq7BggphPXboxKn-PNG2ij9MhvG2OBlGHq6sIEAaAnXDEALw_wcB
  13. In the process of ordering an 2021 RST with standard box. Since I tow a travel trailer, I want the trailering mirrors but concerned about obstructing the view. If you have them, can I get some feedback? Also looking at adding the oem 4” bars but also looking at wheel to wheel step bars since I have the longer bed. If you have either the OEM 4” bars or the wheel to wheel bars, please post them up. I appreciate it.
  14. Ok, just ordered a 2021 RST Z71 Duramax with standard bed. Dealer said arrival would be 12-16 weeks. Looking for feedback on your experience with ordering if in the last couple of month. How did the dealer stick with your trade estimates and did rebates stay the same or drop off. I live in the PNW and dealer mark ups are over $5k and there’s nothing in stock in the whole state, so ordering was the only method. BTW, got the vehicle for MSRP minus &3k in incentives if they hold up. Thanks
  15. The cable broke on my 2013 2500HD rear power sliding window that opens/closes the window. My opinions were $450 repair at the dealer or do it myself for the cost of a new regulator for $85 from Amazon. Took me about 3 hrs to complete and learned a few things along the way that I thought I’d pass on for those that want to tackle this project. 1. Have someone help lift the rear seat out and put back in. I was able to do it myself but it was a pain in the ass as it’s difficult to line up the rear seat hooks and floor bolts alone. 2. Do not remove the yellow tab holding the springs down on the regulator until you have the cables completely connected. And do not install the regulator until all cables are connected. 3. To remove the cable from behind the center seat belt guide (not removable), I used the tire iron to insert between the cab wall and the metal guide to remove the old cable and install the new one. Be careful where you pry though as the window frame is plastic and could crack if not careful. 4. Although the GM instruction says to connect the passenger side cable first, I found connecting the drivers side first worked best as it holds the window in place while pulling the passenger side cable to connect it. 5. The cable will seem extremely short but if you keep pulling on it, you’ll eventually be able to slide it into the connection. Having needle nose vice grips and another pair of hands is the key. While one person pulls on the cable, the other person can help guide the cable tip into the window connection. Don’t have your 23 yrs old college graduate daughter help you, it doesn’t end well.??? Otherwise, pretty straight forward and really only requires a few tools, 18mm long and short socket, 10 mm wrench/socket, needle nose vice grips, panel removal tool (not necessary as all panels can be removed by hand, but made it easier) Hope this helps the next person save time and lots of frustration. Sorry didn’t take pictures.
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