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  1. Box has found a new home. Thanks all for playing
  2. Sorry Jmorgan Been painting. I will be here the rest of the day, Straight shot up 95 from Delaware,only about 1 mile off 95 to me.
  3. Like new,only in truck a couple months. Will probably fit in the silverado crew as well. Jet black,PT. # 10-300, goes with any interior. Fits perfectly under rear seat,don't even know it is there when seat is down.Holds all the stuff you don't want flying around while you are driving. Takes 5 seconds to remove if floor space is needed. All separator inserts as new in bag,never used. list $199,first $125 gets it. Can not ship. I am in Yardley,PA across the river from Trenton,NJ. Got rid of truck,no longer need. thanks for looking
  4. I filed complaints with the Consumer affair offices and the N.H.T.S.A offices. They happily took my complaints and never heard from them again
  5. I posted a pic once had to get a moderator to help. There is also a for sale section for the take offs if you want to list there
  6. Best of luck with new truck. When you figure it out post them at the top of the page under post pics of 2014
  7. Don't know where part way is. It is not that important to me. Thought someone local could use this at a good price. I'll just put it on CL
  8. Why did they replace the oil pan? Isn't the filter shaft on the block?
  9. In 1984 i bought a new f150. drove across the street to Micky D's to get a burger. Sitting at the picnic table lovin the new truck, I noticed something strange. I could see passing cars in the paint,in the front fender area and in the last 2 feet of the bed,only. i said to my buddy whats up with that. We both went over and started tapping on the truck. Bondo almost the whole side of the truck. I looked this over quite well at the dealer and could not see the distortion under those lights. Then also noticed a slight dimple on the roof. Climbed up and a 15 inch wide area front to back was also b
  10. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/164940-anyone-get-a-buyback/ . We did not need another thread about buy backs,like the moderators asked please search threads before posting the same things over and over. Ask the question on an existing thread where people of a like mind are already congregating. Better chance for answers
  11. There are several other threads for this topic please see one of those and delete this post
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