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  1. i went to a 3 in lift with a 305 55 20. the tires i picked run larger the some others at 33.4 x 12.5 took some trimming with a +5 offset wheel but now only rubs full lock in reverse on pass side. if i would have went with the same tire in a nitto ridge grappler i would have possibly not even had to trim since they run just at 33 x 12
  2. it'll probably rub and need trimming done to mud flap and crash bars removed from behind liner. This is my slt with a 3 in. lift which is technically an inch higher than the stock at4 in front . im running a 305 55 r20 cooper st maxx which is 33.4 x 12.5 on a +5 rim it rubbed like crazy until i trimmed alot if you run a 33 12.50. i would find one that runs true 33 only or a little smaller it might be less trimming .
  3. Just put that lift on my slt everytihng seems to be working fine without calibrating all that was needed was an alignment .
  4. discount tire has a calculator on their website im not smart enough to do that on my own lol. https://www.discounttire.com/learn/tire-size-calculator
  5. with that set up if your speedo says 65 mph you are actually going 65.6 so its very insignificant
  6. my sierra slt came with 275 60 20s i believe offset is 28.
  7. its do to the lift on the tb. i have a 6.2 slt max tow and when looking to buy the factory at4/tb lift from gm it says its not for max tow package. the only reason has to be the tow rating would have to drop do to lift. the max tow does have heavier rear springs bigger coolers the 3.42 and bigger alt and the shock setup is my guess stiffer to control sway the sway bar might even be larger .. all this gives it a 12200 tow cap.
  8. Gave her a 3in. superlift and some new shoes. Still needs window tinted.
  9. Agreed they should be a direct swap no level needed. My slt came factory stock with 275 60 20s which are 33 in.
  10. great looking truck. do you think you could have got a 295 60 r20 on it or is it tight with the 285s ?
  11. My 14 silvy just hit 1500 miles and my goofy acting trans has cleared up mostly but it does vibrate. My vibration shows no pattern it may do it when I let off the gas or at cruise you never know when it will do it. It does it in v8 and v4 mode the truck feels like its hitting rumble strips as some have stated. Though on mine it's not really not what I would call a horrible vibration more a minor annoyance like worn out rumble strips. It does remind me of a 51 Chevy 5 window I had that shucked the pinion. It also started out as the occasional rumble strip feel but what really happened was the pinion nut backed out just slightly. This allowed it to walk when there wasn't a load on it creating a vibe. Has anyone had theirs checked for this. My intial thought was auto lock diff chatter but since I'm getting no noise along with it I might have them check the nut.
  12. Thank you. I'll give that a try. As you can tell my goal is to go wider not higher or at least as minimal as possible. Thanks again.
  13. Will this tire and a 0 offeset rim combo fit on a 2014 with bilstein 5100 set at level or very slight rake?
  14. The fly by wire system in these trucks clearly lack either correct programming Or computers that are not up to the task. Since tuners are able to make them work correctly I have to go with programming. I still like the truck it beats the heck out of the 2008 crew I traded in for it. That truck had me so mad I wanted to sell everything I owned with a bowtie on it. Good thing for gm their competitors are having the same troubles .
  15. I was thinking it's a little early to tell. After driving around this afternoon I'm pretty sure some of it's just me being a little too easy on it. Being more aggressive on the pedal seems to help.
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