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  1. Mine came with one too. I looked it over and decided to just put a LP with my favorite college team on there, with a tinted cover, and roll with it.
  2. Except when it comes to emissions. It's a Federal Offense, go ask them.
  3. Hey I'm just sharing what my dealer told me. Take it for what it's worth, go ask your own dealer, whatever, I don't really care.
  4. That is correct. I will choose to believe the dealer, who is family and would gladly do whatever I asked him to do if we could get away with it, and GM over some dude on the internet. Just because some people believe something doesn't make it so. Go talk to your dealer......I wouldn't take me (some dude on the internet) as a final authority either. But I am sharing what the dealer I use says. Now your dealer may do whatever you want, like mine, but if he hooks your vehicle up to the computer and it records the emissions have been tampered with, your dealer isn't going to be paid for your warranty work. FWIW
  5. No sir, any emissions modifications is automatic warranty denial. Maybe not by your dealer, but if he plugs it in to the computer and it detects it, your done. GM will deny you.
  6. A catch can is considered a modification of the emissions system. Automatic voiding of your warranty the dealer tells me. Just a fyi.
  7. I forget what year they redid the octane thing. Ours used to be 93 here, then it dropped to 91. New standards took over I guess. Maybe we dropped in elevation!
  8. Mine does NOT.....went with a base model this time with just a few options that I actually needed.
  9. I'm gonna guess you no longer have the truck?
  10. Range Technologies has the answer for that annoying feature.
  11. I miss that show. Wonder why the mesh was better than no tailgate at all?
  12. No name brand non-ethanol 87 gets the best mileage for me and that is all my older vehicles get, well two of them require premium, but still, non-ethanol for them too. The newer vehicles it doesn't matter, any 87 will do. I dump some Techtron in now and then and have never had a fuel related problem. When I am away from home and traveling, I stick to the places that sell the top tier stuff, or hit a Pilot, Flying J, etc.
  13. I bought the base model Sierra this time, with the tow package and a few other options. I don't even have XM radio, but I do have two different views on the back up camera. I'll check it out!
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