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  1. No name brand non-ethanol 87 gets the best mileage for me and that is all my older vehicles get, well two of them require premium, but still, non-ethanol for them too. The newer vehicles it doesn't matter, any 87 will do. I dump some Techtron in now and then and have never had a fuel related problem. When I am away from home and traveling, I stick to the places that sell the top tier stuff, or hit a Pilot, Flying J, etc.
  2. I bought the base model Sierra this time, with the tow package and a few other options. I don't even have XM radio, but I do have two different views on the back up camera. I'll check it out!
  3. Mine worked well on my 2015.........wonder if they can reprogram it?? I do not like the fact there is no indicator letting you know when AFM is activated. I use to just drive mine in 5th gear most of them. AFM didn't kick in, but I've never confirmed if that is true for the 2020.
  4. Having owned a diesel, I'd get the 6.2 gasser and wouldn't even hesitate.
  5. Two problems with that antenna. Performance being one because it is short compared to a full 1/4 wave. And, I occasionally run a amp. That antenna won't hold up if you hit it with much power. If I ever get around to getting my license, I'll put a 2 meter radio in and I will use NMO for that.
  6. Yes, the only problems I saw with those antennas was if the hole was drilled a little big and they couldn’t get a good bite. Never knew of good antenna for 11 meters that used the NMO. There were some, functional at best, and most couldn’t take more that a few watts of power.
  7. Did you use a hole saw bit? I’ve always took the head liner down and shined up the underside of the roof to ensure a good ground, plus the type of antenna I was installing required mounting from underneath anyway. That was for CB installations. My work car I drove for about 25 years (had the big ol’ whup antenna with 6” spring before that) had several of those antennas like you installed. Occasionally had problems with them, but not often. I’ve got all the ham equipment, just never have taken the test although I’ve intended to do so.
  8. How far down did you take the headliner, and how easy was it?
  9. Nothing wrong with mag mounts if you get a good one as far as performance is concerned. I've run the Wilson 5000 and 1000 both on a mag mount and put 300-400 watts thru them. I don't like mag mounts because the coax situation and if you don't remove every so often, they will rust underneath the magnet. Much neater to just drill a hole and be done with.
  10. So you are going with bigger rims and tires over all, NOT just bigger rims? You can swap GM wheels from 17” up to 22” I believe, and if you use the same size tire that comes on each of those sizes, never change the diameter enough to require any re- programming.
  11. If you're close, I might me interested in your old wheels......I'm in NW Arkansas.
  12. I haven't yet, but I plan on it. Although, I don't know why. Nobody is on there much anymore, and most of those that are aren't worth the effort to talk to. I inherited a friend's CB shop when he died. I've got more radios and equipment than I know what to do with. I don't have a problem with drilling a hole and mounting it right in the middle of the roof. They make a plug to fill the hole should you decide to remove it. GMC dealer said if that rubber plug is installed, it won't hurt the trade-in value at all......if they even see it. Getting in the garage is the only issue I'd have with it.
  13. I've found it usually looks worse if you pull the stickers off the visor.
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