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  1. I just went on a 500 mile round trip, and averaged 26.4 for the whole trip in my 3.0L 4x4, with 5 peeps in the truck and cruise set on 79mph most of the time. I was pretty happy, my last 2015 6.2L 4x4 averaged between 21-22 mph to the same destination. Very happy with the baby D-max!!! Mike
  2. My 2020 1500 RST does (electric). So I assume they can install one for you. May be pricey tho. Mike
  3. Looks great! Now take that little black AVS sticker off. Mike
  4. I couldn't find it, do you have a link??? Thx!!! Mike
  5. I've only had mine for 3 months, but so far I can say best truck I have ever owned(my last truck was a 2015 GMC 6.2L 4x4). Best on freeway has been 31.1, my average is ~21-22 around town, 26-27 freeway. So fun to drive, I love it. Hope i can keep this one for a long time!!!! Mike
  6. My 2015 6.2L with 8 speed was horrible. Clanking, hard shifts, jumping while at stop sign with brakes pressed. Had it in the shop time and time again, fixed with software, 1 month later hard jerky clunking was back. I would never, ever... purchase another with an 8 speed, ever. Now I have the 10 speed, it is like night and day difference. So far so good, the 10 speed is like butter compared. Happy camper now, hoping all stays well!!! Mike
  7. Sticker on my 1500 Duramax 3.0L was just under 57, i paid just over 43K. Not bad... I think! Mike
  8. The 2020 6.2 also comes in a 10 speed. I opted for the 3.0L mostly for its mpg. And I really liked its low end response and drive-ability. Maybe also something different that i had before. I could not be more happy with it. You should try driving them all. I would be happy with any of the current GM trucks, as long as they have the newer 10 speed. Btw, My Chevrolet sticker price was just under 57K(not dealer marked up price), and I paid just over 43K, so the extra cost was not a huge concern since i feel i got a very good price, at least here in SoCal. Regards, Mike
  9. Hi all, I went from a well equiped 2015 GMC 6.2L 4x4 to a 2020 Chevy RST 3.0L Diesel 4x4. I gotta say, I prefer the 3.0L way more. Its not even close. The 3.0L's 10 speed trans is butter smooth, way better than the 6.2's 8 speed clunker. I couldn't stand that trans. Also, I am averaging 21 around town, and 30 on the highway. My 6.2 was 12/22, not bad for that setup. but not even close to this diesel. and its so fun to drive! Also, so much more responsive @ the low end. Middle and top not quite as fast, but not to far off. Hard to tell its just a 6 cylinder. this is my 4th GM truck, and by far my favorite. I am hoping it stays reliable, if so, I will keep this one for a while! Best regards, Mike
  10. Hi Guys, For what its worth, I loaned my new truck to Bilstein to use my 2020 Silverado Crewcab 4X4 3.0L Dramax as a test mule last week. I am near their San Diego Corporate office and hooked up with them. They kept my truck for 6 business days. Great group of guys @ Bilstein. They fit prototypes and said they will let me know when the production parts are ready to test fit on my truck. Hopefully this helps get their products to production sooner!!! btw, this is only for front, they did throw a free set of 5100's on the back in the meantime. Best regards, Mike
  11. Bumpy McBumpster! heres my Northsky truckinator!!! Mike
  12. Wow! Perfect looking setup! Thanks for sharing. I too just purchased the 3.0 Diesel. My last truck was a 2015 GMC 6.2 4x4, a bit faster, but i'm digging on driving this new diesel, especially @ the low end. Also I love the 10 speed trans way smoother than my old 8 speed clunker! Mike
  13. http://iconvehicledynamics.com/shop/complete-suspension-systems/12-2007-up-gm-silverado-sierra-1500-1-3-suspension-system-stage1.html Bottom of page, under Tech Info... Mike
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