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  1. Steering wheel won't light up until the connection to the cluster is made.
  2. Nolan, Sorry I haven't responded to your last message, been tied up. If you are wanting to use the stock seats without having to use the factory modules you can use a device that will allow PWM output, much like we used in the heated seat setup in this thread, except you probably don't need a device like the Canny 7 that talks LIN bus if you are not worried about using the stock switches. The stock seat elements are still based on variable voltage as far as I know, maybe someone can chime in that knows more, but that means if you use a MOSFET power supply like we use on the heated seat retrofit as it allows you to use PWM to vary the voltage. For those of you still wanting to retrofit the factory seats here is the latest link to the Canny 7: Canny Logic 7 on eBay Thanks, Kyle
  3. Jeff, So this is kind of a double edged sword. Yes, this will let you do the relearn. But I can't get it to work, and there is a specific reason why and I'm not sure exactly why that is but the long and short of it is that it isn't pulling in TCM specific parameters which is what it needs to allow the reset steps to be executed. I've tried six different ways to get it to work with no luck. So this is a your mileage may vary kind of situation. But I would probably look for another solution because the VCX unit can be a pain to work with sometimes. Kyle
  4. Thanks Sid, I will verify and let everyone know.
  5. Link em up, I will check them out. Not opposed to swapping parts out.
  6. Finally finished up my drag suspension on the Silverado using QA1 custom front coilovers. Check out the video below and drop a subscribe to keep up to date with future content. Installing QA1 Custom Front Coilovers Videos coming up in the near future are: Part 3 of the Tuning Series, MAF Tuning Further Exploration of the LIN Bus Spark Plugs and Forced Induction Tapping into Electrical circuits for auxilary equipment And much more! I am always open to suggestions and thanks for checking it out! Kyle
  7. Did a video on painting the Caddy intake/engine cover that I thought I would share with you guys. Hopefully it helps anyone looking into find this cheap and effective mod for dressing up the engine bay! YouTube: Dressing up the Silverado/Sierra Engine Bay!
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Haha, I didn't have much hope for it, but it was a short and easy test, and fairly cheap.
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I installed the new rear body mounts that GM claims are designed to eliminate the vibration frequency of the Chevy Shake in TSB PI1354H Check out the results: YouTube Video of Body Mounts to fix the Chevy Shake?!
  10. Okay guys, sorry for the late responses and thanks to everyone messaging me on here and on YouTube. If you could post your questions here so that when I answer the everyone has access to them that would be beneficial for all and now that I have had my last surgery I will try and be on the forums more often. Also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already as I have some more projects in the works that I will be sharing in the coming weeks. Goat Rope Garage YouTube Page Here is the logic for the Canny 7, this was created using the latest firmware, you will need to update to that version before loading this or the LIN communication will not work as the GM system uses a non-standard speed that I had the Canny people add to the firmware so we could use this device with GM systems. That being said the original firmware that might be on the device may not support this but I have verified that it is available in the latest version. SeatHeaterFinalPublicVer2.cfd Thanks and I look forward to any questions and by all means please report back like Dave! Glad to see it is working out good for you! Kyle
  11. I'm not arguing, you're giving an opinion and I'm stating facts. The guy has to replace the cam, it's an opportunity to upgrade, I say go for it, hell I've got a more aggressive one sitting in the shelf to go into my L83, it's one of the next logical steps as I need to be able to shove more air into my cylinders. Butlet's not sit here pretend that a cam is the economical way of making horsepower on these platforms, it's never been more expensive to install a cam in a SBC so the value had taken a nose dive. On the other hand there are plenty of people making 500+ out the back with a blower that is completely safe and without any additional mods.
  12. Can only speak to how to do it in HP tuners, Bill. You do it though the scanner, connect up and then on the tool bar to top there is a green button that brings up a window with a bunch of testing options, there is a transmission tab and under it on the right side it should be your top button or if like 5 options. Anytime you make any changes to shift points or pressures your should do a reset. Any tuner should have this option, just have to find out where it is. Pretty standard practice.
  13. You're not picking up 50 with that cam. Add ported heads, longtubes and a few other mods and maybe you get 50hp to the rear, but at that point you'll wish you'd put a blower on for less as the 5.3 guys with 7 psi will still be walking your 6.2 with ease.
  14. Yeah, I wouldn't trust that app to diagnose the shake on these trucks. I have an EVA that shows my shake as being a first order tire vibration. Problem with that is the same vibration exists and I've ran three different sets of wheels/tires, two sets of axles and replaced a 4 rotors on a vehicle with less than 20k miles put on it in over three years. Would cost less to buy a used EVA or pay the dealer to run the pico to get you the vibration frequency and then try and track it down from there. But there are still no guarantees.
  15. If you do the L86 TB you will have to have it tuned before it will run right as the surface area of the TB will be larger. Intake and TB aren't going to net you a lot of gain on the 5.3l unless you do the supporting mods so I would focus on the exhaust and headers first then see if you need the intake. I did the L86 manifold with a Katech ported LT1 TB and noticed some decent throttle response but I don't know that I snagged a bunch of HP off the mod but it was done in anticipation of putting the blower on.

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