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  1. I love the Range AFM

    I think he is.
  2. Transmission slip

    I have a 2018 with the 8 speed and the same thing is happening to me but mine is 1-2 shift. It doesn’t really slip, more like stumbles between the 1-2 shift but like yours it only happens on the first shift when the transmission is cold.
  3. Do you know what offset your wheels are?
  4. What’s the offset on the wheels?
  5. Any rubbing with your setup?
  6. Did this help? I have acquired a rattle in the driver side of my dash but cant really tell if its coming from high or low in the dash. I notice it more at highway speeds than hitting bumps in town.
  7. Lights behind grill

    I'm interested.
  8. I have a stock chrome grill and stock cat back exhaust for sale off my new 2015 chevrolet 1500. Make offer.
  9. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Should I go with bell tech 6400(1-2") or 6401(2-3") if I'm wanting to sit level? I haven't really read about anyone using 3" drop shackles.
  10. Where are y'all finding these high country grills? I found one on eBay for $420.

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