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  1. Rear end clunk

    Mine just starting doing it at 10k miles, they will blame my 2 inch drop shackles im sure so i aint bringing it in unless I get ambitious and swap shackles again
  2. Did your noise sound like this? New vacuum pump fixed my sound.
  3. Chrome Mustache Removal

    I tried driving up a snow hill, broke my mustache, bent the bracket, so i took it all off lol. Probably not everyones cup of tea.
  4. Best miles per gallon?

    14.8 is my lifetime aveage according to fuelly.indont know why it's so bad ,I drive nice to lol my 94 reg cab gets 13 but that has a thirsty 5.7
  5. Yea took a little hit not as bad as I thought to be honest...i got around 4k less than I paid.
  6. Dealer did the work and did a terrible job I traded it in for my 2017 , I'll never take my truck to a dealer for body work ever again that's for sure. Plus I didn't wanna pay for a truck I had less than a year and needed that much replaced. I'm to picky lol
  7. The hood was fine, 3 air bags going off didn't help...
  8. Ouch hopefully they own up, i always check mine before i take it off the lot. Heres what happened to my old truck (16) deer did 16,000 in damage.
  9. GM Floor liner mod

    Good idea looks darn good
  10. It's exactly the same as before update,I honestly can't tell they did a thing. My brother has a 17 that is extremely bright,I'll compare with his I guess . My 16 could adjust with dial grr
  11. Mine still blinds me, I can see the thing switch to full brightness, or am i just nuts? Heres a video lol
  12. Lol they tried blaming my dashcam, but they unplugged it and ran the update again, wont know until tonight, in reverse are you able to adjust the brightness with the dial?
  13. Haha not a problem
  14. Take your finger and pull the presets down
  15. So little update to this, brought it to another dealer, showed them the video. Picked truck up Friday and it hasnt done the noise since...I was skeptical at first, they replaced the vacuum pump again, I'm wondering if the first dealer even swapped them...or were just lieing. Very happy it hasnt done the noise sat morning or this morning and it was 15ish degrees. Happy camper now. Just need to get the fish bite/chuggle resolved and the full brightness reverse camera fixed.

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