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  1. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    I have stock 18 rims also. You dont have any rubbing at all with 275/70 R18. ??
  2. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    Bye any chance do know what's the biggest tire size you can fit on a 2019 z71 4x4 ?
  3. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    Thanks for the info my trucks brand new it's all stock I dont plan on lifting it . I always throw a new set of tires on and a cold air intake plus a couple other things. I lease so I dont dump to much money into it
  4. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    I'm definitely leaning towards the nitto ridge grappler tires . How are they in the snow ?
  5. I can ship it through work shipping is $25
  6. I'm trying to ship it through my work (ups) if I do it wont be that much
  7. I just bought the 2019 crew cab unfortunately I have to buy a new cover
  8. I have 2 BakFlip f1 covers both bought in aug 2018 1 I immediately installed on my 2016 double cab Silverado and I just took off a couple days ago. the cover is in perfect condition there isn't a single dent or scratch on the cover at all I have every single part. the other cover has never been removed out of the box it was meant for my work truck but my boss decided not to use it. I will ship any where in lower 48 I have and will take pictures feel free to contact me with any questions [email protected] here's link to the cover https://bakindustries.com/bakflip-f1/2016/chevrolet/silverado-1500 will sell separate or together the used cover is $425 FREE shipping the new cover is $650 FREE shipping
  9. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    They where on a 2016 completely stock truck in alignment issue and all 4 tires were evenly. But I just traded on my 2016 and picked up my 2019 Z71 RST today since iv been looking into tires the past 2 weeks 99% of people are saying there having same issue with the new KO'2 S
  10. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    Sorry forgot to mention that I drive mostly highway/around town but in winter I do alot of driving in snow n bad weather. The all terrain have always been perfect for me and always lasted but the new version is wearing extremely fast
  11. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    Has anyone had the BF rugged terrain ?
  12. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    I have the stock 18's Iease get new SILVERADO every three years so I keep the rims it comes with. I do mostly highway but in winter Isnow plow not with my truck but I do alot of driving in bad weather
  13. Iv had 6 silverados all of them iv put on the bfgoodrich all terrain tires iv always gotten decent tire wear . I absolutely love them iv sworn bye them . But for $290 a tire and only 35-40k miles out of them. Then the new KO'2 came out and the tires are lasting have as long . Anyone else noticing this ? Anyone have any suggestions on a similar tire nitto grappler ECT.......?

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