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  1. Question on getting tune on 2019

    So performance wise if I don't get an exhaust but intake my best gains would be buy the GM cold air intake and have them flash ecu for the new intake . ?
  2. Question on getting tune on 2019

    Why cant the 19s be tuned ?
  3. I have 2019 5.3 Silverado I'm looking to get a tune iv never used any of the tuners on any other vehicle. Anyone have suggestions on witch one to get as in ,diablo,hypertech,blackbear,ect...... if it matters I'll also be getting cold air intake
  4. I have always gone with company called AVS in channel on the past 6 Silverados iv had iv never had a single problem with them
  5. Any Trail Bosses with White Letter Tires

    I forget the company that makes it but there is a pen specifically for tires to write on your tires in white google or amazon is probly best bet
  6. K&N air intake

    Did you get the kn 63-3109 ? How do you like it ? Is it as loud as the open filter type? Hows the performance?
  7. K&N air intake

    Hopefully someone can help me out with some info I have 2019 Silverado 5.3 and the only cold air intake K&N makes is the 63-3109 air charger air intake the closed box type . On all my previous silverados iv had the open air filter type like on my 2016 had the 63-3082 air charger air intake open air filter. My questions are 1 I'm assuming the closed box type will be quiter then the open air filter type ? 2 is the closed box better as in it literally gets cold/clean air from wherever its routed to ? I was also curious about the K&N 20-3082 throttle control module anyone use it before and I'm assuming I'm better off getting a tune or diablo,blackbear,jet performance ect....
  8. Info on ceramic coating

    I found it idk why when I searched carpro all that came up is detail shops info about ceramic coating
  9. Info on ceramic coating

    What is ceramic pro? A company that does coating or a product you buy ?
  10. Info on ceramic coating

    Thanks for the info I def will take the time and spend the money on quality products and I'm gonna play bar ect... the truck before applying ceramic coating. Is there some better for lighter colors and some for darker ? My truck is white?
  11. Info on ceramic coating

    Witch cquarts did you go with ?
  12. Info on ceramic coating

    I saw it online last night on sale for $60 I'm tempted to just buy it but I'm trying to get some info on it or any type of ceramic coating
  13. Iv never used any type of ceramic coating always done the usual clay bar polish wax/jescar power lock. What's agood ceramic coating my trucks is white. Iv seen companys like f11 top coat and shine armor-quick coat ceramic waterless wash,shine & protect any info would be extremely helpful
  14. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    I have stock 18 rims also. You dont have any rubbing at all with 275/70 R18. ??
  15. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    Bye any chance do know what's the biggest tire size you can fit on a 2019 z71 4x4 ?

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