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  1. So does that equate to basically a wear free brake? Of course anything mechanical can break or fail, but likewise the Jakes on class eight Can I wear out with you so need to be rebuilt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. New style tailgate

    hummm what about a complete bed change?
  3. Wireless charging

    yes, i went to a dealership lot and bought a new arm rest assembly(arm rest,charging pad,and module) from a 2018 vin and it bolted right into my 2015. then bought a harness from pgamboa here on the forums thats taps power off the rear acc 12v plug. simple swap out
  4. i'm curious to wear and tear on the exhaust brake? my experience is on class 8 trucks, you have a rebuild kit for the Jacobs brake system, are the exhaust brakes on our trucks the same and need a tune up?
  5. Yeah same here don’t want the dealer to drop liner... I’m lucky to have it garage stored and seasonally stored in the winter, as soon as insurance is back in it I want to drop it my self and seal everything up with silicone, already did the brake light, have been through several car washes and haven’t noticed anything... maybe I’m just paranoid Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Carbon fiber vs fake wood

    have pics? and a link to the vinyl you used?
  7. Has anybody painted their chrome fog light bezels? have any suggestions or guidelines other than taking them to the body shop? how did they turn out/holding up? thanks in advanced!
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HI-POWER-LED-FOR-2015-2018-GMC-YUKON-XL-CLEAR-FOG-LIGHT-LAMPS-BEZELS-SWITCH/382341998232?hash=item59055be698:rk:4:pf:1&checksum=3823419982320bcf2d0ab927491290308faaa6ed14a0&enc=AQADAAAC8BkojIFHYtWT%2BANpG6F7t2H71Z43RRHVzuIxqFGo1vutuS7mZyjQ8qJVtfTTj2143am0E5r3jailH7YZghMFKQofiT94oOnZb7pcMIbIdiUSqN1NmHV%2B64P7Q%2FfMUYn3mXFYq0IC7Gqc384oHoYH%2BCHgczLbD4MmDwMbSIFjLZpHmm582WmlAoGJ%2BF5RnGyyGwdOU5ScfklP5FpyxyeYh2EUIwX9qX2tT1LlnzIirdaZedtO%2ByscwYfH3A7qe4AErQxGMIpyu0x4S88q6RoZbepDDMmNc2UdSu6HRmWyJIyVhpe4JULEwN0rVih1u7N6PkLNm0YKfuk1Rvgt2nDMkjMcY9Pr24E2GQ6U0G3BxUBDh2bBEfNGIO87%2BOxhiR%2FUw%2FESbAK3O5qPRLpUh3w%2FV7TUjfiPW8tN5LYY5fb8HugQBgQhtXwUgYcgG%2B%2BcP9LKATaonv%2BViLdfX9G8YPluve6qU1T0g6V9PkTaK1U5J81D8I8PsoSnttBaztCbYyFLCdyjGiV3%2FmJ%2FUTkwIV073RrDNWYFMDw8PSnJiCw%2FGg9OM9rCZLIPAO3Je%2B9X3DNVdjKM7lc9heNkBb8XuiR3%2BCKCdV8aoQ9q%2FydS%2F%2BxryETSpPBBaJvFrATJKfih4Rwg9EzR4Yk5APvIeSvqcxf8x%2FudjeODKNq%2Bpmpjt5PvOGDlgIrf7jM%2FPRop7A3cdW6dNIx5AkyFNXsyVZicKKW3%2BML0Kk0P5hm8gJ8sbkdgeNwrQ8jWzSyntfcmsgkerhWM%2FBGf2I9zBr9d5hFqgPU3h7afPpzDaJeLN3tf6ksHZ4ipyPa8QjZovKFBjR2dYGaHjJ3j1%2B8Ji3ajoqVC7CdCrzis7pcv73fzs5pGrkUXPzXx9SrQ7%2FQY6AMEasSckaHCDpb751Dg%2FXK70tJ8Cxps3aojhbWkqUIgEd1m%2FyMiv4y87WMNJUIPwWWtBt2vzg%2F4Bej2nn8Wcsp8LMi4NpOURjyvUQIR9bs4i5XiNL13jQds&frcectupt=true
  9. Backup Lights

    Couple more, the 2500 backing up and the second 2 are from the Yukon’s in dash and rear view mirror. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Backup Lights

    Have these in my 15’ 2500 and 16’ yukon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Backup Lights

    i have the second ones(4 pack) in my 15 sierra and 16 Yukon and they are great! super bright. i will try and get a picture in the next few days....
  12. 20” GMC SLT chrome wheels (snowflakes)

  13. Running boards

    free bump for you, i took my off and took off the brackets, rubber pads,end caps etc. and used plasti dip, my 2500 is a garage queen and basically sits unless its towing the boat (about 6,000 miles a year) but they are lasting/holding up great and cost me like $7 for the can....
  14. has anybody confirmed that the arm rest lid is or isn't the same between the pick ups and suv's? looking at part numbers between 2015-2015 trucks vs 2015-2018 suv's they are not the same lid on gm parts direct, however you look on eBay's compatibility charts and there it says they are the same. i am adding wireless charging to my 2015 2500 and have the orig long pad design so have to change my entire arm rest lid out to ass wireless. and i think for the $270 i can find the lid asy online for its well worth to buy a lid from a 2018 and not mess with buying multiple parts and swapping stuff....
  15. looks like they would be a solid option.... I am going to stick with the morimoto hid's,I have had led's in my truck before and it definitely caused ice/snow to build up with the lack of heat from the bulbs!!

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