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  1. I’m thinking the later models got the redesigned pump? Therefore they won’t need the programming patch? Ive decided to wait and I’m going to have my friends shop test the vacuum pressure before I take it in. I don’t trust GM on this one for some reason.
  2. I hear you and understand. However I’ve been down this road with other brands as well. I only want it correct with least amount of drama. I’m definitely going with ford on my next vehicle. This 2015 Yukon has the tail light issue as well and they won’t cover that either.
  3. Agreed. I’m taking my 2015 Yukon xl in tomorrow too. I’ll let you know what they do and hope you let me know as well. They told me they test the pump and if it’s low they will replace it. They are leading me to believe that the 2 fixes are for different issues resulting in same problem. Not sure if I entirely believe this. If they don’t replace the pump I’m going to do it myself. I watched a video and it’s not hard. New revised pump costs $110 on eBay.
  4. Makes sense. Although my 2015 Yukon only has 27,000 miles and I’m a maintenance freak. I’ll find out Monday if it’s the pump pressure or just a re program like they said.
  5. I agree...they don’t want to fix all the pumps. So they reprogram it hoping that most will go beyond warranty, then you’re screwed. I heard the pump can fail and suck oil into your brake booster resulting in an even more expensive fix. GM kinda sucks these days...
  6. That’s what I’m saying. Is the reprogram a bandaid until the pump really fails?? Then you are out of warranty with oil sucked up in your vacuum tube destroying your brake booster? This sounds fishy...
  7. So I’m confused... Apparently the vacuum pump fails and becomes clogged and the pressure diminishes with time. So why would GM just do a software update? Is this a way to avoid fixing all the pumps or is this 2 separate issues that result in the same hard braking? I know that GM has a redesigned pump now that replaces the old one and that the old pump can fail and suck motor oil into the brake booster. If that happens then you have to replace the brake booster etc. Seems like they should just repair all the pumps if you ask me. I have 2 vehicles in this recall and if they don’t replace the pump I’ll do it myself. Is suspicious to me...as if they are putting a bandaid on a problem that will eventually rear it’s ugly head once the warranty is up. Wouldnt surprise me, especially since they haven’t recalled all the bad tail lights on the Yukons and charge $600 per side to fix their defective product.
  8. I tried the new camera on the 2020 2500 HD while driving and it’s definitely cool but it was straining my eyes. With a normal mirror your eyes are already focused for long distance, but since the mirror is a monitor then you have to re focus to the screen. I think some may not like it for actual driving. Also I think they should have used the tailgate camera for the rear view mirror, because if you put a canopy on then the rear view camera is useless.
  9. I was invited to drive the new 2020 Silverados on June 15-16 in Bend Oregon. I’m signed up as a Chevy Truck Legend and I was 1 of 15 to drive the Silverados with the 6.6 diesel, 6.6 gas, and the 3.0 diesel. It was awesome!! We did a lot of miles and spent some serious time with the trucks even before the press got to do the same thing!
  10. My 2018 leans an inch on drivers side. Thanks for the post! It’s still under warranty so I’ll see if the dealership can fix it.
  11. I bought the 2018 4x4 Silverado crew cab with eassist. I have mixed feelings. I’m not really sure how the eassist helps with power or torque. The auto stop/start feature is nice if you live in an area where you’re waiting at traffic lights frequently. Kinda sucks if you live where you’re not in traffic much. Seems like it should have at least 3 seconds or more before it shuts off? It’s ridiculous to shut off when you’re just stopping at a four way stop etc. I think the auto start/stop on eassist is better than other brands that use the starter. It just instantly whirs back on. I do believe eassist helps mileage. I currently got 21.5 mpg on a road trip with a couple hundred pounds of stuff in the bed and I actually checked it at the pump, not relying on the computer which always says you’re getting better mpg than actual. I did notice on a trip when towing my small camp trailer I was getting 13 mpg. I towed the same trailer on the same route in my 2015 Yukon and it only got 9 mpg. Yukon has the same gen 5.3. The option to jumpstart yourself is pretty cool. Except my trailer light was left on and totally drained my battery, if your battery is completely dead you can’t access the info screen to activate the jumpstart feature. I do notice that the 8speed transmission is very clunky, bumpy and shifts rough, but I’ve read that it’s like that in a lot of the trucks without the eassist. Another thing is that I don’t notice it as much when truck goes to v4 mode...I don’t get the lagging sound and lugging like in my Yukon and the regular Silverado I test drove. GM says the eassist helps the truck to stay in V4 mode longer. Only time will tell...not sure what it’s going to be like when the batteries or other components need service or replacing? Probably expensive?? Check out the MPG ratings...kinda strange that it gets less MPG than the standard 5.3 with the 6 speed...but it gets better than the standard 5.3 with the 8 speed. If I could go back I probably wouldn’t have got the eassist. Not sure if it’s worth it since I’m not seeing a significant fuel mileage increase. I do have to say that it tows amazing and hwy driving is amazing as well. Driving around town...not so nice. Clunky, surging, shifting hard and rough. Engine shutting off when stopped for a second.
  12. I like the front end head on. The side view looks like a Tundra to me. Looking from the back is ok. I was definitely disappointed with the interior as it just looks slightly better than the previous generation, except the fonts are a step backwards in my opinion. Also don’t quite understand the same horsepower and torque?? Also the fuel mileage isn’t any better? Hopefully the transmissions are better. My 2018 8 speed sucks...
  13. I sure hope so. Love everything else about the truck except the terrible shifting. I heard that tuning it can void the warranty? Anyways, just made an appointment to have the software updated so hopefully it can help like I’ve heard it has from some other guys. I’ll repost what happens
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