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  1. That tire is 12.5 wide. If you are running it on a stock wheel, the spacers would make sense as I think the stock tire is 11.4 wide. Its probably getting really close to the UCA given the factory offset.
  2. With the move to an E load rated tire I didnt want 22s. It definitely rides a bit rougher over smaller bumpy terrain but the OEM 22s with highway tires were not a lot better. On smoother pavement there is no difference from the OEM 22 setup and these Nittos are pretty quiet. One thing I am struggling with is the rear. As many have experienced, the rear is a bit bouncy which I believe is due to the leaf/shock combo. The higher load rated tires have added a bit to this. Problem is on the 19/20 Denali, there arent any real options (yet), for being able to cancel out the ARC sensors and swap shocks. Not terrible for sure but one thing that has caught me off guard a few times with it feeling like the rear is bouncing all over small bumps. The E load rated tires have added to this a bit. I did call Nitto for guidance on air pressure as well and I am going with 40 up front and 36 in the rear for daily road driving. They were set at 50 cold before. The drop has helped a bit. I am also researching swapping to an Icon/King/Fox setup in the future. From other posts on this, that upgrade seems to help a ton and I cant really tell any suspension specific differences between any of the drive modes (Touring, Sport, etc.) so dont think I will be losing anything with a shock swap. More to come on this when there is an option for the ARC sensors. For anyone else interested I have also swapped to color matched mirror caps and black vinyl emblem stickers so that the Denali emblems are covered a bit. I also have OEM black GMC emblems so the Denali emblems match the OEM black ones with a little polish around the edges. I also painted the exhaust tips black. I went with a gloss black wheel with some machine finish to help keep with the black and chrome look it has right now.
  3. I just had my Denali leveled with the suspensionmaxx kit. 2.5 front and 1.5 rear. Its pretty level now with this setup. I think if you were to go 2 in the front without the rear being moved up at least 1 inch, the front will look raised a bit. Here is a pic of mine for reference.
  4. Finally got mine done. 2019 Denali 4x4 with 2.5 front level and 1.5 rear level using SuspensionMaxx kit. Wheels are 20x9 +1 Fuel Rage D711 with 295/60/20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Had to do some minor trimming on the backside of the wheel well carpeting and a little to the inside edge of the mud flaps.
  5. My brother works for a local GM dealer and while my Denali was in for its first oil change i was talking to the service manager about some of these issues. He mentioned a possible recall for the 3rd brake light leaking water. He said a few have come in and because of the way it leaks, it looks like the rear window but they were able to see it happening from the 3rd brake light. Ask your dealers to check this before messing with the rear windows.
  6. I've owned my 19 denali 6.2 4x4 for a few months now and have near 4k miles on it. Last week in TX I drove a ram long horn for the week. 5.7 with 4x4. Nothing about the interior stood out as being that much better. Maybe it was missing some options as it didnt have the larger screen but door and dash materials didn't feel any better and the seats didn't feel any more or less comfortable. I put about 400 miles on it for reference. It was fine but nothing about it stood out compared to my denali. I'm also not a repeat truck owner like many here so all of these are new to me. Needless to say I'm happy with my choice.
  7. The carpet cutting is for hiding the wires underneath and also a cleaner install. I initially did the same but after I put something in the small storage area and pulled the harness up I decided to cut and route under to avoid this in the future. I also ran the volume knob wire down the driver side and mounted the knob low on the driver side so it cant be seen. That knob is an indicator that there is a sub in the truck and don't need anyone thinking it's worth breaking into. Also, for anyone running and android based OS phone, there is a 10 band EQ under advanced sound settings. Additional tuning can be done to the sound this way.
  8. When I was shopping these I looked at the retrax one xr and it was in the 1399 range. The pro was more and pro xr was near 2k from what I recall so what you are looking at is comparable to the retrax one xr which is the plastic version. One thing to think about with the retractable ones is the space they take up for the cover to rollup. I ended up going with the undercover ultra as the short bed doesn't need any more space taken out of it. Hope this helps.
  9. Mine is red and shows up as red in 360 so I think not using black is there for a reason as noted above.
  10. Red for sure. Not an AT4 with all black trim but this red looks great all day.
  11. Installed the kicker sub add on along with the volume knob tonight in my 2019 Denali. Initially I couldn't even tell it was on until I turned the volume up and could feel the sub moving. I pulled the amp and set all 6 switches up. Mine out of the box were set to 1, 4, 5, 6 up and 2 and 3 down. Others have posted different settings out of the box so I'd check these during any new install. With all 6 up it was finally pushing some sound. Its not a ton better than stock but with some adjustments and some break in time on the sub it may get there. I'm running bass and mids at 2 and treble all the way up to 12. The sub volume control is about half way up. I found this to be a good combo to start. I also use an android phone and newer android OSs have an eq under advanced sound settings where I've done some more fine tuning. Not bad overall but it wont push hard at higher volumes. For comparison I was running a 10inch Alpine Type R with a 600 watt amp in my last Vehicle that also cost quite a bit more. For the money the kicker add on is good enough for now.
  12. My rear passenger was doing this slightly. I just pulled the headrest up and pushed it back down to seat it tighter and its all quiet now.
  13. My 19 Denali does the same. I own/have owned some lower volume production vehicles and electronics are typically all over the place so things like this flickering logo arent an issue for me so I havent even bothered with taking it to the dealer. I will mention it when it goes in for its first service.
  14. Have it painted. I have the same truck but in red tintcoat and have slowly been updating things to minimize the chrome. I will leave some but next is the grill which I will have painted. I've had this done on other vehicles in the past and it's much better in my opinion than plastidip or wrap. Looks factory to. If you don't care about keeping the denali grill, you can get a GM factory grill like the AT4 already painted. It just wont be the same design as the denali grill. Look at shopchevyparts.com. I've also ordered wheel arches and mirror caps in my red color and they do have the AT4 style painted grills which are body color around the outside and black in the middle. They also have the black emblems.
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