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  1. I have been having brake controller issues since day 1. Two different trailers. Service advisor says ITBM is very sensitive and GM recommends using a Pollak brand 7 pin connector. I have one on order and will report back. Mean while I have the "Service Trailer Brake System" message now. Fun times.
  2. I have this same issue. If the issue was with SiriusXM then more brands would be having this issue. I believe the issue is with signal reception not transmission.
  3. IS there an actual suplementary spring? If so, where does it mount?
  4. GM changed the springs to properly balance the more rearward position of the 5th wheel/Goose Neck mounts.
  5. Just retrieved my 2020 AT4 2500HD from the local GMC service center. My trailer will connect, but then disconnects and reconnects intermittently. I was told everything is working as designed, and my problem is the LED lights. I did try the Curt product mentioned above to no avail. This is my second camper that this happened on. This truck is my first and last GM product. I am working on a workaround. If I am successful I will post back. Aside from this issue, and this is a big issue for me, I like the truck.
  6. Hill descent control work on steep low traction environments often found off pavement. It is useful but also cumbersome at times. IMO, this is like most other driver aids, a more skilled, attentive drive likely will not need them often.
  7. I did pick up a proper tester. The trailer brake issue happened on two trailers (RVs), one of which I had no issues with my 2013 F150. The connection worked with the tester, but the tester has higher resistance the the campers. This is a GM issue by not properly engineering the trailering package. I orders the Curt adapter mentioned in an earlier post to see if this corrects the issue.
  8. I am having the trail brake issue also. Going to the local dealer tomorrow to arrange service. I have a 2500 AT4.
  9. No. May got to a local canvas shop and have them put one in.
  10. My block heater cord and grill cover were under the back seat.
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