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  1. No. May got to a local canvas shop and have them put one in.
  2. My block heater cord and grill cover were under the back seat.
  3. Apparently some of the early production models have faulty engine block heaters. When I picked up my 2500 I noticed the cord to plug into the wall was missing. I was told the heater had been disabled. Repair parts are slow in coming, strike problems. Not a big deal, just annoying.
  4. Over all the tech, camera, safety packages are very good to have. Worth is up to the individual. The AT4 does not come with adaptive cruise so forward collision alert is less effective. The HUD is a little weird at first, but very handy. I do not care for sunroofs, but that is what many truck get ordered with. Blind spot alert is just another useful tool. The cameras are great for many reasons. The HD camera rearview mirror is great at night. The seat buzzer i find is less annoying the chimes and bells. I am installing the (overly pricey) rear trailer camera on my camper to be able to better protect my stuff from the crappy Colorado drivers. None of these things replace driving well, just more tools to keep these very expensive truck looking good.
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