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  1. You are correct; it’s not a Veteran’s discount. You must be either active military (Guard and Reserve counts) or a retiree.
  2. Nope. I considered adding tow mirrors after my dealership submitted the build and they said it’s not possible to make changes after GM accepts the build from the dealership.
  3. How important is it that the auxiliary camera be centered on the back of the trailer? I care less about the disappearing trailer feature and just want to use it as a backup camera on a 25’ travel trailer. I’m considering centering the camera on the rear bumper and possibly relocating the spare. The other option is attaching it to the ladder at the correct height, but it would be off center. What would be really cool is if some aftermarket company made a wireless receiver that connects a backup camera like a Furrion and ports it into the auxiliary camera input at the hitch. I’m not sure why Chevy didn’t look around at what cameras are already in use and go that route. I’m just trying to avoid having to have a monitor for the backup camera in the cab.
  4. Every time I see the “disappearing trailer” commercials, I do an eye roll. Chevrolet should be getting FREE auxiliary cameras out there for people that order the trailer camera package. I sorta blame the dealerships; I don’t think their sales and service staff are up to date with what all this tech does. I just figured out the other day that my truck will interface with the iNCommand system on my Keystone travel trailer. It shows you your tank levels, battery info, temperature, ... It just seems that you really have to dig to find all this stuff. Luckily, I’m an IT guy and don’t mind doing the homework to find these features, but not everyone is willing to do that.
  5. Let us know how it works! There’s just not a lot of information out there about the auxiliary cameras. Do you plan on mounting it rear bumper height and running the wiring underneath to the hitch?
  6. My Trail Boss was delivered to the dealership today, so just under a week from production to delivery.
  7. No worries! I hope your truck shows up soon! My dealership was very apologetic, but said there's no way to track it during transit and they won't know until the day it shows up. I just find that hard to believe that in. this day of being able to track the delivery of a $10 item from Amazon, they can't track the delivery of a $60K truck. This is the first time I've ever ordered a custom vehicle, so I didn't know what to expect. I just think GM's custom order process could be better. Let's face it, they REALLY want you to settle and just buy a truck on a dealer's lot. I'm just glad that my Chevy dealership was willing to work with me and submit the order.
  8. The dealership let me know today that my Silverado was “born” today; rolled out of the factory in Fort Wayne. That’s a full 11 days sooner than it was scheduled to be built. Hopefully my delivery is speedy. I’ve heard horror stories about it taking a month.
  9. Yep, I’m figuring on 231” overall length.
  10. I sure hope so! I measured before I ordered my 2020 TB LT and my garage is 7' at the door by 8' wide and 20' deep. It's going to be tight. My stupid garage has this piece of trim that arcs across the door header, so it's about 6'8 closer to the edges. I'll probably be good if I keep towards the center of the garage. Go slow, stop when it sounds expensive. I guess I'll know in a couple of weeks if it fits. Oh well, I plan on moving next year so a garage with a 8' door is definately on my list!
  11. My dealer gave me a build date after the order was accepted by GM. My order was picked up by GM around December 5th and scheduled for build Jan. 27. I would expect mine to take longer since the shut down the factory for 2 weeks around the holidays. I'm sure they're still running behind from the strike.
  12. Use this link: https://www.gmmilitarydiscount.com/ Then sign in to ID.me from that page.
  13. The looks of the new 2019-20 T1's are what drove me back to the brand; I think they look awesome! Expecially the new Trail Boss LT without all that gawd awful chrome. To each their own, and taste is subjective. For every customer lost with the new look, probably 2 or 3 are gained.
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