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  1. Yea. For reference, I had 20" wheels with E rated 35's on my last two trucks (one set was actual chrome as well) and they weighed right around the same give or take 5 lbs so if you plan on running 35's on a bigger wheel I would expect whatever you get to be in that same ballpark.
  2. Yeah, they are about 125lbs each, so about 500lbs for the whole set mounted and balanced. My tires are also F load rated with a 12 ply sidewall so they are about as heavy as you can make them.
  3. I agree with you that most of the folks I see use these trucks as nothing more than status symbols, but mine works perfect for me as a service vehicle. I can keep my electronics / spare parts in the back seat area to keep them dry and my several ladders / tool boxes fit perfect in the back of my short box. The bonus for me with the short bed is I can get around downtown easily where it's a little bit tighter and clean out the back seat and have space for people/dogs on the weekends. I'm probably more the exception than the rule on this one though.
  4. I have a GMC Sierra Crew-Cab X31 3.0 Duramax with a 6" lift in the front and 7" in the rear and 35" mud tires on 22" wheels. I'm getting 20-22mpg at 60mph, about 16-18mpg at 70mph and 14-16 at 80mph. Hope that helps!
  5. I bought mine on Feb 7th with 20 miles on it and now I've got around 16,500 miles. It tows my 30ft toy hauler and 15ft enclosed trailer great, drives smoother than any other truck I've owned (and I owned a 2018 and 2019 F-150 before this), and gets really good fuel mileage (even after a 6" lift and some 35's)! The only problem I've had with it was at about 2,500 miles one of the trans lines disconnected from the cooler. All the dealer did was reattach the line and top of the fluid and I've had no problems since! I love this truck! Here's my sticker as well: -2020 GMC Sierra Elevation X31 Crew Cab Short-bed 4x4- GVWR: 7,200 Curb Wt: 5,562 Payload: 1,638 GTW: 9,000 Max Tongue Wt: 900
  6. Honestly it depends on the wind in that regard. If it's really windy out and the cruise control is set around 65-70 than it will drop down to 9th gear and just hang out there all day it seems like. I'm more than happy with the mileage considering everything I have working against me! Keep in mind, this was on the mostly flat and straight lands of Florida so I don't really have any insight as to how it performs on mountains and the twisty roads yet. Oh, and one other thing I forgot to mention in my other post, I also installed some 1" lift shackles in the rear on top of the 6" lift to maintain the factory rake, so that definitely helps with leveling it out when the trailer is hooked up.
  7. I've got 35" tires and a 6" lift with 3.23 gears and I'm getting around 13-15mpg at 65mph. My toy hauler weighs around 6000lbs loaded with about 700 on the hitch. I was really debating getting airbags as well but after towing it a couple times I'm more than happy with how it tows with just the weight distributing hitch.
  8. Here's my lifted 3.0 Diesel towing our 30ft toy hauler. Tows like a champ!
  9. I went back and forth for 2 months between an Elevation and an AT4 (I did not consider a Denali as I'm tired of chrome). At first it was an AT4 or nothing but the more I thought about it, I eventually decided that I didn't need or want any of the driver babysitting options and would likely be swapping out the suspension anyway. I ended up purchasing a loaded up Elevation for WAY less than what the AT4 would have cost me. Even after putting on a lift kit, wheels, tire etc I'm still far ahead of what I would have paid for the AT4.
  10. If by "killed diesel engines" you mean stopping bro's from being able to delete their emissions equipment and roll coal everywhere than yes, they have killed them. This 3.0 Duramax is not like the older diesel engines that struggled to adapt to modern emissions requirements when all the rules came down. This engine was designed from the ground up for the rules and regulations in place today and although this engine is so new nobody can really tell anything about longevity at this point, I think GM has set this engine up to thrive. You would be doing yourself a disservice to write off the 3.0 without giving it a fair shake. As for the 2.8 vs the 3.0, it's not really a debate. The 3.0 gets better fuel economy, has more power and comes in a bigger truck.
  11. I fed my truck some some steroids! 6 inch lift & 35x12.50's on some 22's. I threw in a picture of when it was stock at the end for comparison.
  12. Ive got the 3.0 Duramax with the 10 speed auto. So to update my original post, it turns out the line that was leaking on the cooler had just popped off and it lost about 8 quarts. They reattatched the line, cleaned it up and topped off the fluid and it seems to be running well with the exception of this clunk downshift I now get at 57 mph. That's about the speed I was driving it at the time of the incident so I'm wondering if that particular gear was damaged.
  13. This engine is pretty stealthy as far as the regen system goes. The only noticeable effects are the engine temp bumps up slightly and the fuel economy drops a little as far as I can tell. It also only does it when you're cruising above 35 MPH or something like that and it doesn't matter if you shut down in the middle, it just picks up where it left off next time. I love my 3.0 Duramax and would highly recommend it to anyone considering it.
  14. So I was merging on the highway the morning when I got a strong odor of transmission fluid in the cab. Within 2 minutes the transmission started to slip pretty extensively above 1/4 throttle so I limped it to the next exit only to find that theres a fairly massive leak where the trans line connects to the cooler. Currently waiting on a tow truck but has anyone else had any issues like this or is my bad luck streak as strong as ever? Truck is about 3 weeks old and has a little over 2k miles of grandpa driving for the most part.
  15. You definitely do not want a new F150! I had a 2018 with the 2.7 ecoboost that started misfiring at 29k miles and Ford couldn't fix it after swapping out everything but the short block. After that I thought I would go with a 2019 with the 5.0 V8 for "reliability". Within 6 months at 11k Miles the truck was drinking a quart of oil every couple thousand miles and had a bottom end knock. Everyone at Ford (Including corporate who was involved towards the end) said it was all "normal" and "nothing to be concerned about". I couldn't even get the service advisers at 3 different Ford dealers to acknowledge that oil blowing past the rings and out of the exhaust is bad. Turns out this issue is common among 2018+ 5.0's and they don't know how to fix it so it's "normal" until it's out of warranty and it's on your dime. I drive way to many miles every year than to be stuck with a low quality vehicle that the manufacturer won't stand behind. To answer the question, I'd go with a new Sierra (as I did earlier this month) with the 3.0 Duramax. The quality is miles above anything Ford is offering right now and it drives much nicer as well. I can't really speak to the Ram other than it seems to have a very nice interior but I'm not a fan of the exterior at all and it seems to have a lot of gimmick tech going on so that truck would be a non starter for me.
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