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  1. I had to replace some damaged wheels and went with these: Vision Spyder 22x12 -57mm offset. Only rubs a little bit at full lock in reverse.
  2. I was wondering that myself, so I figured I'd drop off some knowledge here before some misinformation starts flying around lol
  3. I put some new wheels on my truck because the morons at the dealership overtightened my lug nuts to the point of breaking. Had to torch the old wheels off so I grabbed these:
  4. There's pretty much nothing different when it comes to doing a lift kit on a 3.0 Diesel vs any other engine other than the fuel lines needing a small drop bracket to clear the driveshaft if you go 6 or more inches of lift.
  5. There's pretty much nothing different in the 3.0 vs any other sierra when it comes to lifting outside of the fuel lines needing a small drop bracket to clear the driveshaft if you go 6+ inches of lift.
  6. Funny thing after this update my wifi was stuck on in the truck until it completely drained the battery overnight. After I jump started it, it's been fine ever since.
  7. I agree with you, there has got to be more to this story. I think you're onto something with the speeding theory. Four inches of water can do a lot of damage and get forced into a lot of places it normally wouldn't go when you hit it at 60mph.
  8. This is my first diesel as well. It was immediately obvious. The line dumped out most of the transmission fluid, which smelled not so great, and caused the transmission to slip really bad. I called Onstar and they towed it to the local dealership which had it fixed by the following day. Apparently, the line going into the cooler became disconnected at the connector/attachment to the cooler. They said they just reconnected it, topped off the fluid, cleaned up the mess and it was good to go.
  9. I just hit 19k on mine. Transmission cooler line popped off around 2k miles but other than that it's been smooth sailing! I love this 3.0!
  10. Yea. For reference, I had 20" wheels with E rated 35's on my last two trucks (one set was actual chrome as well) and they weighed right around the same give or take 5 lbs so if you plan on running 35's on a bigger wheel I would expect whatever you get to be in that same ballpark.
  11. Yeah, they are about 125lbs each, so about 500lbs for the whole set mounted and balanced. My tires are also F load rated with a 12 ply sidewall so they are about as heavy as you can make them.
  12. I agree with you that most of the folks I see use these trucks as nothing more than status symbols, but mine works perfect for me as a service vehicle. I can keep my electronics / spare parts in the back seat area to keep them dry and my several ladders / tool boxes fit perfect in the back of my short box. The bonus for me with the short bed is I can get around downtown easily where it's a little bit tighter and clean out the back seat and have space for people/dogs on the weekends. I'm probably more the exception than the rule on this one though.
  13. I have a GMC Sierra Crew-Cab X31 3.0 Duramax with a 6" lift in the front and 7" in the rear and 35" mud tires on 22" wheels. I'm getting 20-22mpg at 60mph, about 16-18mpg at 70mph and 14-16 at 80mph. Hope that helps!
  14. I bought mine on Feb 7th with 20 miles on it and now I've got around 16,500 miles. It tows my 30ft toy hauler and 15ft enclosed trailer great, drives smoother than any other truck I've owned (and I owned a 2018 and 2019 F-150 before this), and gets really good fuel mileage (even after a 6" lift and some 35's)! The only problem I've had with it was at about 2,500 miles one of the trans lines disconnected from the cooler. All the dealer did was reattach the line and top of the fluid and I've had no problems since! I love this truck! Here's my sticker as well: -2020 GMC Sierra Elevation X31 Crew Cab Short-bed 4x4- GVWR: 7,200 Curb Wt: 5,562 Payload: 1,638 GTW: 9,000 Max Tongue Wt: 900
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