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  1. Same. I use them on my travel trailer. Works great, and I love having a clean dashboard, without additional devices or screens
  2. Yes - in CA, you can't have amber, red or blue lights on top of the cab. as far as I know, mirrors are ok. can you change the LED to white instead?
  3. This is a kit to add AUX switches to your truck. it comes with all of the wiring to connect the switches in the cabin, and the box will be in the engine bay, allowing you to easily route wires to your equipment - compressor, train horn, light bars, etc. if you're still not interested, I'll take it for 50 + shipping.
  4. Yes. my Denali came with it, and I thought to myself at the beginning - what a gimmick. Since then - there isn't a time that I opened my tailgate and did not use the multipro. the killer feature - being able to stand closer to the bed when loading or unloading - just that is worth the whole thing. I also ski a lot, and using the built in bench to change to ski boots.
  5. RAM's tranny invades the front passenger leg space. make sure you and your wife can sit there. My tall wife vetoed RAM HD altogether as it would be a killer for her on long rides.
  6. some things I'll just never get with GM. my wife drives the new Tahoe, and no matter what trim level, if you want for lights, you have to go to GMC, Chevy did not get fog lights Bummer - is there an aftermarket something that you can hang from the front headrests?
  7. Middle back seat has a fold down part that have 2 cup holders, and if you have the captain’s front seat, the center console will have another 2 for the back seat riders Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. This is the main reason I ended up in a Denali. all the other models have a seat that is shorter by maybe an 1". the dealer did not believe me until they pulled a measuring tape and found it out. For me, this makes all of the difference in the world. it is the most comfortable vehicle I ever owned, and it kept me happy on long drive days, towing an RV behind.
  9. Same as everybody above. It looked gimmicky at first, but since I wanted other Denali features, I got it. could not care less of it was there or not. I have the truck for 9 months now, and almost always, when I need the bed, I use one of the multi-pro configuration. It is so convenient to shorten the gate when loading something heavy, easier to climb the bed - I no longer use the bumper steps, as the gate is better, and it is one great seat when needed. I highly recommend not to delete it, unless you carry an ATV and use ramps more often than other stuff. Ramps can be used with it, but you need to be more careful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. I see a lot of 5th wheels with undersized trucks in RV parks. This has become our family sport to spot them. With the power of the Duramax, it'll tow like a champ, but the first thing that any insurance company will ask you in case of a need would be to disclose the numbers. If you're overweight, you may end up without insurance coverage.
  11. looking at the manufacturer site your dry hitch weight is 1142lb. loaded it'll be higher, but since you have more than 3000lb of payload, you're golden: if you're estimating something like 1600lb loaded hitch weight and maybe 700lb people - it gives you 800lb for extra load on your truck. of course, only cat scale will gives you the right numbers. https://forestriverinc.com/rvs/toy-haulers/wolf-pack/25PACK12PLUS/1955
  12. Can you post the sticker from your toy hauler? The number you’re going to be struggling with first would be the hitch weight taking away a lot of your payload. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. I test drove both back to back. They feel different. Ask my kids... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. I test drove both back to back. They feel different. Ask my kids... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. If you have kids or other rear seat passengers that are frequent in your truck, they will appreciate the softness of 2500. But as was said above me- is all depends on what you need from the truck- towing, payload, size of load, ease of driving around town or parking are all considerations Edit: mine is 2500 crew can regular bed duramax. I wish I had the 3500 for the payload but my kids got car sick on the test drive with the stiffness Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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