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  1. Seems like wireless CarPlay is supported Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Point your smartphone camera with QR reader app on the big QR code labeled on the driver side B pillar. You’ll see all of the information there. Your VIN and bunch of RPO. One of them is the paint code Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I had no choice - the seats in the Denali are better, and the back support is taller by about an inch. My wife’s back started hurting in the AT4 seat, and that pushed us towards the Denali. Marginally better leather, different seat ergonomics that works for her. She loves the long trips in the truck
  4. This is going to be a mean machine! I totally understand - I was told by my dealer that my truck will arrive at a certain date, but a mishap pushed that date by a week. having sold my old truck, I stayed without one for a week. Dealer was truly awesome, and offered a loaner on his expense, but still, waiting for your team truck sucked.
  5. got it. I was not aware that this was an option.
  6. That's exactly what I'm referring to - the side notes mention it - if your truck was ordered with U1D but without PTT - it will NOT have the repeater
  7. According to GM ordering guide, you need to order the sensors with the truck, if you didn't, the signal repeater (installed behind the rear license plate) will not be there - means no horn, and potential connectivity issues. see below PTT: Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors, includes set of 4 sensors. Sensor functionality requires (U1D) In-vehicle Trailering App to be ordered with the vehicle and installed by the factory. Sensors will be shipped loose with the truck and will need to be installed on trailer by customer. U1D: In-vehicle Trailering App, System, includes checklist, trailer maintenance reminders, trailer security alerts, trailer mileage, tow/haul reminder, trailer electrical diagnostics and Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System module 1 - Included and only available with (ZL6) ProGrade Trailering System or with (PDQ) Preferred Package. Includes trailer tire pressure monitoring alert ONLY when (PTT) trailer tire pressure monitor system is factory ordered and sensors are installed 2 - Includes trailer tire pressure monitoring alert ONLY when (PTT) trailer tire pressure monitor system is factory ordered and sensors are installed. With (ZW9) pickup bed delete no provision for a trailer tire pressure monitor system will exist but all the other (U1D) features will remain. 3 - Includes trailer tire pressure monitoring alert ONLY when (PTT) trailer tire pressure monitor system is factory ordered and sensors are installed
  8. Hi, Is there a way to change the application shortcuts that appear at the bottom of the screen? Nav, phone, music and climate control are there by default, and I wanted to swap the climate with another app. My truck is a 2020 Denali with tech package Any ideas? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. I have 2020 2500 Denali, with about 2500 miles. so far, everything is great, and the build quality is even better than my previous tundra. But at 2500 miles, it's too soon to know.
  10. Your numbers seems legit. since you're closer to the upper end of the limits, I'd wait until the home is close to be done and you have a better grasp of the final / tongue numbers before you commit to the truck, but from what I can see here - that is your right truck.
  11. Payload is often forgotten in this calculation - the tongue weight + people + additional truck cargo should be less than the payload Your payload depends on the truck configuration. more tech, chrome and screens - less payload. Diesel engine is also heavier, and will reduce your payload by few hundred pounds In my previous tundra, my trailer was under towing capacity, but I had to go HD due to payload. Also - I normally take tongue weight to be 12-13% of the total trailer weight (best if you have access to a scale) I hope it helps.
  12. As far as I know, the trailering app supports only 100psi as the max setting for the sensors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. I had power folding mirrors on my 10 year old tundra before I upgraded to my current HD. Always used them when parking, never had an issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. See how this truck priced and pictured. this is no "dealer body shop paint" option. https://www.gmc.com/view-inventory/sierra-2500hd-denali/details?x-symbolic=vdp&x-carline=sierra&x-modelyear=2020&q-sourcepath=/index/vdc-collections/2020/trucks/sierra-hd/sierra-2500-hd-denali/jcr:content/vdcVehicleInfoBlockConfig/vdcShoppingLinks&x-bodystyle=sierra_2500hd_denali#?radius=100&models=Sierra 2500 HD&years=2020&trims=Denali&customertype=GC&makes=GMC&postalcode=95101&filterconfigkey=ConfigAdmin_19Sierra2500&requestedPostalcode=95101&pagesize=48&sortby=bestMatch:desc,netPrice:desc,distance:asc&scrollposition=175&open-panel=Packages&open-panel=Exterior Options&open-panel=Hours&vin=1GT49REY5LF207897&filtermatched=exactmatch&primarydealerdistance=76.1&bac=118729&pagenumber=1&dealerSearchBy=bac&primarydealerid=118729&primarydealerpostalcode=95340&[email protected]&primarydealername=RON SMITH BUICK GMC&primarydealerphone=2097255050
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