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  1. No they have not. Saw a 100k+ 2015 GM yesterday with complete failure, sounds like shit, exact same as my 2008 Suburban failure.
  2. Let me know what you find, as I am going to be going in for the same issue as all of you. Is this something GM is covering outside of bumper to bumper warranty?
  3. LOL sound like OJ trying to hawk the collectibles he stole If anyone else has a full center console like this or a Tahoe/Suburban console, hit me up. South Texas
  4. Hey sir what was your ask and sell? Deleting original posts makes it hard for future buyers and sellers to gauge the market Thanks!
  5. Suspensions are the same from 2007 to present. I bought my 6 and 9" lift for a 2007-2013 generation 1500, because when I bought my 2014 new, there werent really any kits yet. This can be confirmed by any vendor who sells suspension stuff. Not sure what little bits may be different for 2014+, but can confirm a 2007-2013 6" will fit 2014 unless a particular brand did something stupid and different
  6. My bff was in the court room with a lawyer fighting GM to lemon law his silverado, and at the last second GM agreed to buy it back not as a lemon buy back, but to give him XX amount of dollars plus 3K cash on his next purchase. So it was a lemon in every sense, but was not branded as such.
  7. I am in border South Texas, McAllen for big items. All below are 2014+ Silverado. Looking for the following: Ranch Hand replacement front and rear bumpers, with sensor ports Factory tow mirrors. Need signal, power fold, power, heated (LTZ SLT, Denali/High Country) High Country grille A 37" with 20 or 22 inch black wheel set up Or A 35" with 20 or 22 inch black wheel set up May be interested in High Country seats as well Aftermarket black step bars, crew cab
  8. I had a nine inch with 37s and never saw a reason to regear. The rpm difference at any speed was nominal, could still chirp tires, and towed car trailer/big body car combos all the time on it. Just food for thought if regear is a major concern of yours and a check in the negative column of a six inch lift
  9. Glad I could motivate you to get their kit! I ran my 37s without regear for about 30K miles. No reason to regear IMO. And I towed heavy metal car trailers and big cars like Crown Vics, Tahoes, etc. My two cents I would have your front bumper color matched or get a replacement bumper. You have a beautiful color, and all these black accessories and trim, and then a random chrome front bumper. I'm going to be ordering this kit again for another 2014 I purchased. Glad it is working out for you.
  10. Love the truck. This is why I wanted the truck I bought on this go around to be white, but made a deal on a black one Do you have any other front shots besides the down low one that show the offset of the wheels how they sit with the tires? Shopping my next set of wheels.
  11. Interested in doing the DL3 to DQS but it looks like mirrors will be nearly 800 for the pair. Has anyone had documented success with an aftermarket alternative? I currently have an LTZ with indicator, puddle light, power fold, memory, and not sure on heated. Is there an aftermarket that retains power folding? I understand if I lose the memory function. Links to successfully purchased aftermarket/ebay sets are appreciated.
  12. Posting here again quite some time after my last posts. Not going to start a new thread when all the relevant info is in this thread. Has anyone bought the front and rear bumpers since the first posters purchased in 2014 and 2015? If so, have they resolved the front sensor hole issues? I like Ranch Hand products, and they are my only choice since they are one of the only (if not THE only) person who makes a replacement bumper with accommodations for the sensors. However if there are still issues and I am going to give up my front parking assist sensors, then I will consider other bumpers. Have them in my cart ready to buy.
  13. Raceline Rampage 20x9 +20 I believe There is a guy on reddit who claims he has a 6" with 37s and no bumper cuts. He has posted pics but I cant wrap my head around that working. But supposedly that can be done as well
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