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  1. Drove the truck again last night. No vibration on hard acceleration from a stop or while rolling. No vibration at constant highway speeds, 60-80 mph. Only slight vibration, and I mean slight, is at 25-30 mph and it doesn't matter if I'm decelerating or holding constant speed. I have a couple sets of Belltech shims on order and will install when received, problem is they won't be here in time before my 500 mile trip this weekend. I would highly doubt I'll wipe out u-joints or cause damage within 500 miles. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. How did you achieve your 4" drop? If you did a flip kit or shackles with hangers then it wouldn't have changed the pinion angle like only shackles do. By installing shackles only, it rotates the leaf springs and differential backwards to drop the 1.5"-2", therefore changing the pinion angle. I found a photo on another site that explains the situation well, see below. I'm still really curious how others feel the "slight" vibration around 30 mph and how severe it is. I'm getting ready to take the truck on a 500 mile round trip this weekend and I'll pull the shackles if I'm actually vibrating, it
  3. I just installed RC 1.5” drop shackles on my 2020 RST double cab (4x4) over the weekend, no factory shims on the truck. Those of you that have the “slight” vibration around 30 mph, what are we talking with slight? I feel like a may feel something, but I’m also overly OCD and might be conjuring up a phantom vibration because I’m so worried about it. In other words, the guys that have had vibes, do you really have to pay attention to feel it or is it pretty darn noticeable? First shackles I’ve ever installed, I usually level the front so I’m new to the “dropped” setup.
  4. Did you add the optional clean side billet check valve?
  5. Did you ever get a response on this? I'm looking at a set of wheels that will require 8mm or a 3/8" spacer and I'm concerned about the threads left as well. I plan on having Bora make a custom set of hub and wheel centric spacers that match the wheel bore.
  6. I have gone to Nick to purchase AMSOIL probably three or four times now over several years, this time to get ATF for a transfer case fluid change. He always responds very quickly to my DM’s and the shipping speed is crazy fast. We had a bit of a hiccup on the order this time, but he was super quick to make things right and in my opinion went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Nick, thank you again. This is why I choose to support a member vendor and not the national chain auto parts store in town. Customer service was second to none.
  7. Just picked up a 1999 Silverado 4x4 project truck and I plan to reverse level by pulling the factory rear blocks. I want to replace the u-bolts with the 2wd factory u-bolts, but I have read there may be two different sizes. Can any of you tell me the correct part number for the u-bolts, washers, and nuts? Thanks
  8. Thanks man, they are 20x10 Hostile Havoc. I picked up the setup used from a great guy on GMFullsize.com, loving them.
  9. Not that I’m surprised, but another truck well done man. The brushed/silver goes amazing with the truck color.
  10. Love the color and can’t wait to see the build. Every truck you have owned I have thoroughly liked. You going Zone lift again and 22’s?
  11. I would have snatched these up if I didn't pick up Sierra Z570's Hostiles a few weeks ago. Someone buy these ASAP, just the wheels are worth way more than his asking price!
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