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  1. I have been a Schaeffer's guy for years, but they don't want to pay for the Dexos certification so it's made me a bit uncomfortable using it in my wife's Acadia and my RST due to warranty concerns. This last oil change in my RST I decided to try the Mobile 1 Truck and Suv, always run Wix filters. I'm curious to see how it performs. The '98 K2500 with 100k gets Schaeffer's 7000 and a wix filter. Just had the engine partially torn down for intake gaskets and an oil pan gasket last summer, everything looked pretty darn good internally. That truck sees a lot of short and hard trips, it's my weekend work truck for house projects. I've pretty much always ran Amsoil in the diffs and transfer case, always had good luck. Nick on here is a great dealer for Amsoil FYI.
  2. That’s odd. Mine were plug and play, no issues. Only time I get a hyper flash is if I’m sitting at a really long traffic light with my turn signal on. Turn my blinker of, wait a couple seconds, turn it back on, all is fine.
  3. I have Lasfit as well on my RST, very happy with them.
  4. Adams Polishes Interior Detailer and then Leather Conditioner for the seats. Swear by both in my wife’s Acadia Denali and the interior detailer in my RST.
  5. Not a fan at all of the new grille at all... However, I do like the switchback DRL/turn signals. That friggin center console shifter . I see nothing that would get me into a new one.
  6. Getting ready to pull the trigger on one of these to replace my Range device on my 2020 RST. My truck sits during the week because I have a company truck, so I have to unplug the Range device every time the truck sits for several days to make sure the battery doesn't drain down. I'm curious if anyone with the Pulsar LT has a truck that sits for several days at a time. If so, have you had any battery drain with it?
  7. Yes, torque to yield or in other words they stretch when torqued. Past generations our our trucks that was the case. Wasn't sure if the T1XX platform was the same.
  8. I installed 1.5" rough country drop shackles on my 2020 4x4 RST and had the driveline vibration around 20-30 mph. My truck did not come with shims. I ended up pulling the drop shackles and went back stock for the time being. I now have 2 degree and 4 degree belltech shims sitting on the work bench at home, just haven't had the time to measure driveline angles and do the work. It appears the u-bolts are one time use as well. Can anyone confirm this so the OP has the correct info?
  9. Drove the truck again last night. No vibration on hard acceleration from a stop or while rolling. No vibration at constant highway speeds, 60-80 mph. Only slight vibration, and I mean slight, is at 25-30 mph and it doesn't matter if I'm decelerating or holding constant speed. I have a couple sets of Belltech shims on order and will install when received, problem is they won't be here in time before my 500 mile trip this weekend. I would highly doubt I'll wipe out u-joints or cause damage within 500 miles. Any input would be appreciated.
  10. How did you achieve your 4" drop? If you did a flip kit or shackles with hangers then it wouldn't have changed the pinion angle like only shackles do. By installing shackles only, it rotates the leaf springs and differential backwards to drop the 1.5"-2", therefore changing the pinion angle. I found a photo on another site that explains the situation well, see below. I'm still really curious how others feel the "slight" vibration around 30 mph and how severe it is. I'm getting ready to take the truck on a 500 mile round trip this weekend and I'll pull the shackles if I'm actually vibrating, it's just so faint I'm not sure if I really am or not. I don't want to wipe out u-joints on the trip. I ordered several degrees of shims from Belltech yesterday, but they won't be here in time.
  11. I just installed RC 1.5” drop shackles on my 2020 RST double cab (4x4) over the weekend, no factory shims on the truck. Those of you that have the “slight” vibration around 30 mph, what are we talking with slight? I feel like a may feel something, but I’m also overly OCD and might be conjuring up a phantom vibration because I’m so worried about it. In other words, the guys that have had vibes, do you really have to pay attention to feel it or is it pretty darn noticeable? First shackles I’ve ever installed, I usually level the front so I’m new to the “dropped” setup.
  12. Did you add the optional clean side billet check valve?
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