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  1. Black Bear Performance

    Me either and I've had five trucks done by them. Justin and his crew have always been responsive to my emails, questions, updates.
  2. Got it, thanks. I'll make sure he puts a little extra on the cam bolts tomorrow.
  3. Upgraded to Bisteins and set them at zero, but kept the rough country leveling kit in place. Added the uca’s to help correct the upper ball joint angle.
  4. Have any of you guys had trouble keeping an alignment with your Cognito UCA’s? I don’t off-road, haven’t hit any potholes, actually I barely drive the truck. I have a 2.5” RC level and put the arms on when I re-did the whole front end about 1,500 miles ago, new lower bj’s, tie-rods, and Bilsteins set at zero. Had an alignment done at the dealer, not my normal place, but had to get it aligned before we took it on vacation. Noticed on the 750 mile trip it wasn’t driving they way I’d like on the way back. I then took it to the shop where I’ve had them done for years, very trusted alignment shop, he said it was out of spec toe and camber. I chalked it up to the dealer doing a crap job in the first place, I hadn’t hit anything and was on smooth highways. That was back in November, fast forward 300 miles and this weekend I had it out and noticed it was pulling to the right just a hair. Looked at the cam bolts and he chalked them when he aligned it, looks like the passenger side has moved a hair. I’m going to get it back up there for a check, but now I’m worried. Stock cam bolts shot? Torque not correct? It’s the first I’ve heard anyone having issues that isn’t off-roading. You guys have any feedback?
  5. 2010 6.2 Silverado Crewcab Z71 - Indiana

    Always loved your truck Ryan, good luck with everything bud. I’m not sure there is another 2010 daily driver as clean as this one in the US.
  6. The RST Street doesn't have the 6.2L?
  7. I cannot say this enough, I HATE the new mirror location...
  8. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    Not a fan at all...
  9. The hypocrisy is exorbitant in these individuals... The morons that drive hybrids go around screaming about how they are saving the environment by reducing their fuel consumption and lowering emissions. Well folks, in Indiana the number one producer of energy is still coal fired power plants, so that electric your charging your car with is one of the most prevalent polluters in the energy industry. Oh, and those batteries that store that energy, if not disposed of properly, are a major issue as well. I'm tired of the "ban it if I don't like it" mentality. If I don't like it, I don't buy it. I don't go make a big sign and stand on a street corner in protest of you owning it.
  10. So, I bought a ford...

    Very cool! Man those Thornbirds have seen better days though.
  11. Did you cut off the drop stoops when you installed the UCA's? I noticed in the installation notes Cognito mentions this. Upon researching I have seen some do, some don't.
  12. I appreciate the response. Moog is what I was planning on using, I'll check out MRT's site as well. Did any of you replace the bolts and nuts where the LCA mounts to the frame? I read these were a one time torque thread or nut, is this true?
  13. I searched and didn't really come up with anything other than EBAY dealers or straight from Cognito. Where have you all been purchasing them from, and have any of you found a decent deal? Getting my parts list put together to do these when I change the front struts over to Bilsteins. Have a 2.5" level with stock struts now, will be running the 5100's at max with possibly a 1/4" top spacer. Also, those of you with aluminum upper and lowers, any issues switching over to the Cognito uppers, and did any of you press in new lower ball joints to the aluminum arms with success? Thanks
  14. Seriously, am I the only one that thinks the new location of the mirrors on the doors is absolutely terrible? I like the wheels though.
  15. I'm sorry, I can't stand the way the mirrors attach to the door... It just looks so awkward to me.

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