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  1. I have a CTEK tender on my 2017. Never had an issue with the theft system activating. The hood is slightly open on mine, doors are never locked, but it is inside. The truck can sit for many months with no use (about 5 months right now). The tender is directly on the -ve & +ve battery post.
  2. For archival purposes. These pictures are of my 2107. Krown product has been applied 4 times. There is one small spot on the frame about the size of a nickle where the factory coating has come off. Kind regards.
  3. My opinion : Yes, get it done yearly. Drop the spare tire before you take it in if you want that area coated. Most places will not bother to drop the tire. I go to Krown. Some shops seem to do a more thorough / liberal application. Attached are some pictures of my 2017 (fourth application, last one done 2 months ago). Your shop of choice will drill holes in the doors and the pillars.
  4. Oh, okay. Just curious what product the dealer installed on your 2017 for your hard earned $1000. Did they give you any information about it? I am intrigued about any type of corrosion prevention as it is a never ending battle here.
  5. Just curious why? Aside from a couple weeks of dripping in the hot weather.
  6. Mine is at the dealership right now for a minor vibration issue and some recalls. Regarding the vibration, I did ask the service advisor about the tsb regarding the transmission fluid & a new replacement fluid that is available. I told them to keep the truck as long as they wanted and to rack on as many miles they wanted. The shop foreman took my truck home after work a few nights ago. He did confirm the vibration I am feeling and reached out to a technical advisor from GM. I was told GM has directed them to change the engine mounts. I will update this post when I get the truck back home. I have an 8 speed 6.2 if it makes any difference. Maybe there is a new bulletin regarding updated engine mounts.
  7. It is interesting when your revolutions increase the oil pressure gauge decreases, almost in tandem together. I wonder if there is a shared ground connection somewhere that is starting to deteriorate. Hopefully someone on here will have an electrical diagram to see if it is a path worth exploring. Checking oil pressure with a mechanical gauge is the best advise you have been given so far. I assume your oil level is at the correct level.
  8. I have had great luck with Ctek's line of battery tenders. I am in the same boat as you; the truck can go months without being used.
  9. Can you humor me and idle it for 20-30 minutes in the driveway and watch for fluctuating rpm's like shown in your video.
  10. Would you be able to start the truck from cold and let it idle for 20 or 30 minutes to see if the fluctuating idol condition happens? Monitor what the rpm's are doing during warm up. I assume you are using premium fuel? If it behaves fine in the driveway, I wonder if there could be a transmission issue.
  11. If you start the truck when it is stone cold, how long will it idle until the rpm's start to go erratic? Does the truck have erratic rpm's when you first start it? I don't think my limited knowledge is going to help, but maybe if we banter back and forth enough, someone else will have a eureka moment. I wouldn't think the ecm would "relearn" the crank position. I don't think it has any outside influences; it is what it is. Can someone confirm I am need feeding Mr. Jameson a line?
  12. Mass air flow sensor? I don't know how to function test it, maybe someone here does. I'm sure you are tired of throwing parts at it. In your video, the idle rpm's are erratic. is this actually happening, or is this you touching the throttle? Noticed your check engine light is on; do you know what it is? I want to throw a dart in the dark and say a crappy ground connection somewhere, but you indicated the main battery cables were already replaced.
  13. That seems a little premature. Avoiding big crowds, unnecessary social outings & washings hands frequently & PROPERLY seems like the only rational things to do right now. Unsubscribe to the panic, let common sense prevail. Take some time off if you can, watch the boob tube & read some books. Perspective is important; around 300,000 Americans die prematurely each year due to obesity. Not hardly a whisper about that sad statistic.
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