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1997 Tune-Up

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Soon I will be doing a tune up on my 1997 C1500 305 V-8.  I bought it with 14,000 miles on it and now it has 96,000 without a tune up.  It doesn't have any problems, just guess it should be tuned up now.  I know I need plugs, wires, cap, and rotor but I have some questions first.


1.  What brand parts should I get?  I'm not interested in any performance gains or anything, just a regular tune up.  Should I go with AC Delco parts?

2.  Where would I find the parts?

3.  How difficult is it to replace the rotor?  I know the cap is easy but I have never replaced a rotor before.

4.  About how much dinero am I looking at?

5.  Is there anything else that needs to be replaced at this time?


Thanks for any and all input.


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I would run a fuel additive (Techron is good- $6).  I would change the fuel filter($5-$10).


I would flush/change the coolant($15).  Change Diff fluid($15 ea).  Change PCV valve ($5).


Consider changing Trans. fluid and transfer case fluid (if 4x4).


Rotor is a piece of cake.  Just pull up on it (should snap off) and put the new one on pointing just like the old one.


I would use AC Delco parts.  Stay away from FRAM and parts store brands.

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Get yourself (2) cans of GM top end cleaner.

Follow the directions on the can.  Pour the liquid through the top of the throttle body.  You'll have to take the horn off on the top to do this.  Should run though.  Save a little towards the end of the pour and then dump it in.  If you can have someone turn off the key at the same time.  I just used my remote starter to shut mine off.

This is by far the best thing you can do.

Cap, rotor, wires oil changes are a must and the rotor has two little screws holding it on.

I have a '97 302 too and finding the crab style cap can be a pain.  Borg Warner makes them, but if you can find one with brass posts that's even better.

NGK V-power 3951 plugs are nice.

Accell Extreme 9000 wires were the only ones I could find that I liked.

Do the top end cleaner before you do the oil change!!!!


Good luck,



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