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07 Avalanche - LH Exterior Mirror issue

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Hi all -


Just got an '07 Avalanche. The driver's side exterior mirror isn't working properly. It will go side-to-side, but not up and down. The motor is running and the RH side works fine, so it's not the switch.


If I push the mirror all the way up manually, it will come about half-way down with the motor and stop, but the motor continues to run. If I push it all the way down, it will come up and stop in the same spot. I assume something is stripped in there.


I'm afraid to take it apart since I've read a lot of people break them. On the older cars, there were gears behind the glass and you could just pop the glass off. The gears would become stripped and make the mirrors behave this way. Do the new ones work the same way? Anyone ever encounter this and fix it? If so, what do I need? I'd rather not replace the whole mirror. If I could dissect a salvage yard part, that would be ideal.




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