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EZ Care Extended Vehicle Service Contract

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I have a 2009 Silverado 4x4 extended cab that I bought new in Feb 09, so the factory 3/36 warrany is now expired. The truck currently has 30,896 miles on it. So far I've had the engine control module fail, a vent in the gas tank fail twice, and a door lock actuator fail. All issues were replaced under warranty without hassles, but I'm seriously concerned about the longevity of this vehicle. I received a mailer coupon for an EZ Care extended warranty from the dealer I bought the truck from. Costs are as follows with a $250 deductible.


24 months/24k miles $1500

3/36 $1600

4/50 $1800

4/60 $1900




Does anyone have any experience with ez care? I've read some not so good things about them from google results, however they were old posts. Just looking for a fresh firsthand experience.

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I bought the EZ Care "Total Care" plan with my truck. I've had to use it only a few times but it has payed for it self already. I was able to get the 4/60,000 for half that price at the time of sale. Actually it was a little cheaper then half that and my deductible is $100. No regrets from me.

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