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DFW debadging


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I bought the professional detailing wheel to debadge my truck. My truck came out great so I'm offering to do it for others. The quotes that I've received for the same work, debadging (not including the wash/wax), were 125-200 which I thought were way to high.


Just badges, no side moldings-- $50

Badges and side moldings--$ 75


Add another 30 for short bed srw wash and hand wax

Add 40 for long bed or drw wash and hand wax


I use mothers wax and armor all soap. It takes me a good half a day to wash/wax. Some pictures below.


I can also do this in San Angelo, Abilene, and Witchita Falls Texas but our schedules would have to align.




By mastrcruse at 2012-05-11




By mastrcruse at 2012-05-11



By mastrcruse at 2012-05-11



By mastrcruse at 2012-05-11

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