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Awhile back i decided to do an audio upgrade even though i didnt know much about audio, and what sounds good, and how to do everything. i ended up with a midrange kenwood headunit with aux, usb, 3 pairs of preouts in the back, HD radio, and that's all fine and dandy but right now im trying to upgrade my rear speakers and as most of your know with extended cab trucks they came with 4x6s and they're awful. i was thinking about cutting the holes bigger and trying to fit 6x9s or whatever, but im worried about the door panels not being able to fit, and those panels have been off for a LOOONNNNGGGGG time now. I have a Polk PA660 4 channel amp that puts 75RMS to 4 speakers 2 alpines in the front and right now i currently have some polk 4x6s in the rear but they are blown.




what should i do? better speakers all around, better amp? im happy with the head unit for now but the Alpine 6.5s up front are EH at best and the polks in the rear are blown and i dont know the amp was kind of cheap but im just a kid i dont make a ton of money.


Can i upgrade to a bigger size in the rear and still fit the panels on?


What do you guys recommend for speakers and amps?


Any information or whatever you can offer is appreciated.





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I cut the rear ext doors on my '01 because I, like you, was unsatisfied with the 4x6s. Did a couple measurements, drew a couple lines, and took the jigsaw to them. Panels fit just fine with the 6.5"s on. The panel, at least on the '01, had more than enough spacing between the woofer. Sounded a heck of a lot better too. I had more of a problem trying to fit the 2 amps and the 6x9s somewhere in the cab then the 6.5"s.

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