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Rubber undercoating

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Is it really worth it? How long does it normally last? Is it better to take to a shop or DIY.

My 2010 has shown some early signs of rust and I have started to clean it up with a wirebrush


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I had my 2013 undercoated and rustproofed prior to taking delivery of it. Looks pretty good overall and appears to be up for the task. Now will just see over time if it was worth it.


I have often heard that doing a vehicle after it has already been driven around a lot is an exercise in futility if one undercoats it. I think the best thing at that point is to just get a pressure washer and do the best you can at cleaning out the underside on a frequent basis and try to get a handle on rust issues as they show up. It has been said by those that do this stuff, that if corrosion or other issues cropping up, undercoating will just seal in the nasty stuff and can even speed up any future problems. I have no real concrete experience that this is in fact, true.

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