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2010 Silverado P0751 Transmission problem



I have a 2010 Silverado with 125k on it, last weekend I dropped the transmission pan to change the fluid and filter. Test drove after change and everything seemed fine. Next day I took the truck out and my problem started, Truck would not go into first gear til about 1700 RPM`s and it would jerk into gear, then the check engine light finally came on. I pulled the code it was P0751 "Shift Solenoid A performance or stuck off" It does this jerking into first gear about 10 times then the computer realizes and the truck starts in 2nd gear and it runs fine but starts in 2nd gear. Shut the truck off and the problem starts all over again from the beginning. The transmission is a 6L80 and I heard you must replace the whole TCM($$$$)if 1 solenoid is bad. Its going to the dealer on Sat. Anyone have any experience or possible fixes for this?

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drop the pan,make sure the filter is in properly,reinstall pan ,fill transmission to full cold mark,running on level ground ,,,,,clear the code ,,,,if it does it again ,take it in to a garage to have it diagnosed and an estimate for repair presented to you

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No flow rate code, they hit me with $600 for labor and said it should have been $1100. They also charged me for 22qts of fluid, 15 on one part and 7 on another. I `m guessing the 7 was for when the dropped the pan and replaced the TCM and the 15 for the new trans that was supposed to come pre filled. Govtech4 you are right, the warranty was the main selling point. Heres the breakdown


Transmission 3693 (3yr 100k warranty)

Core -1000

Fluid 15 qts 75

Clamp?? 34

Seal 20

Fluid 7 qts 35

Filter 64

Stud 13

Labor 609

Tax(PA 6%) 212


Total $ 3756


Buying a transmission after only 125K..................PRICELESS!!!!!!!

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iwas a tranny dork up north in canada and i HAD to flush the cooler and report the code on the R,O,.for warranty purposes ,,,,,and if the RO gets audited with no code,,,,the claim gets rejected


GM introduced this flushing machine as a manditory ,(essential tool) ,the dealers have to buy and use ,,,or else lol,it uses just tranny oil and air to push/aggitate,airate oil thru the cooler ,,,,problem is it has to be a certain temp or it wouldnt work,we used a battery blanket around the tank lol,

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Heres the verdict, dealer said I needed a TCM, quoted me $1300. I told the dealer to go ahaed and replace the TCM which they did, next day I get call from the dealer saying that(TCM) wasnt the problem, after they replaced the TCM the problem occured again while they were test driving it. The dealer basicly said the problem was with 1st gear and I had 2 choices rebuild or replace the transmission for $3775. They couldnt give me a upfront price on a rebuild until they took the trans apart to see what it needed. I asked what the warranty would be on a new(remfg) transmission, which was 3yr 100K, so I opted for the new transmission. They said I wouldnt be responsible for the TCM installed for $1300, well thanks alot you guys are great!!!!!(sarcastic) I picked up today with my new transmission and a $3775 bill. PS no metal or anything in the pan the dealer said before they replaced the TCM.

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Possible causes

- Low transmission fluid level

- Dirty transmission fluid
- Faulty 1-2 Shift Solenoid valve
- 1-2 Shift Solenoid valve harness or connectors
- 1-2 Shift Solenoid valve circuit is open or shorted

Hopefully it is more simple.. Let us know


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If all you did was change fluid and filter, and did not touch anything else, and nothing dropped out or was left over in the bottom of the drain pan, then I would suggest you either put the filter in wrong, or fluid level is too low.


You still under powertrain warranty? I would suggest you not tell them you swapped the fluid if under warranty still. Don't lie if asked, but don't volunteer the info either.

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I always get a kick out if it when the service advisor says they are not going to charge me for not fixing it. Like they are doing you a favour. Always best to get the warranty. Only drawback is that you will never know what actually happened. Times are so different now. When I was doing auto trans rebuilds in 78/83 we did our own rebuilds, cost to customer was generally 10 hours labour, plus a gasket and seal pack, and hard parts as required. Most expensive rebuild I saw was just under $700, with a new lock-up convertor and a new reaction shaft support, taxes extra.

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